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by Harri Mäki

Escape from Laterre

McGregors and McDougalls were two closely related clans in old highlands in the world of Laterre. They had many connections through. While McDougalls were mostly warriors, leaders of the McGregors were wizards of a darker side (mostly sorcerers and necromancers). Their areas were near a border between kingdoms of Kaelicks and Fenswicks. Besides the war with Fenswick the two clans were troubled with strained relations of McGregors towards other clans. Situation went from bad to worse and only solution for McGregors was an escape through the gate that leader of the clan, Brannart McGregor, had recently found in co-operation with the Fen witches. McDougalls wanting escape the war decided to follow their allies to a new world.

Brannart "the Red" McGregor
b. 698 d. 749 (in Mystaran years)
Had a neatly trimmed red beard and moustaches. Was lean. Foxy.
Had two wives: Maria Durham d. 737 and Joanna McRhomaag.
Died in battle where Fenswick lead by Batril and Moorkroft-brothers escaped the control of Kaelics.

Edgar "the Young" McGregor
b. 731 d. 790
Son of Brannart from his first marriage.
Had a short-cut hair and small moustaches. Stocky.
Shrewd, but sympathetic, sensitive and good willing. Strong-willed.
Strong, energetic and effective ruler, his people enjoyed peace and prosperity until beginning of the 40 years war.
Refused to swear homage to Flaems, however had good relations with them.
Had two wives: Margaret McAllister and Jolanda Sullivan. His two sons Donald, Alexander and a daughter Isabel all died before him.
Fell from a horseback and died.

Baliol "the Weak" McGregor
b. 739 d. 815
Son of Brannart from his second marriage.
Big, bear like man. Bit uncertain in his actions.
Was too weak to resist Halzunthram's demands. Instructed his clan to help him. His oldest son Bruce captured the leadership and imprisoned him because of this in 796.
Wife Euphemia Graham, sons Bruce, Gordon, Dungal, Edward, Christopher, Ian, daughters Constantina, Elena
Died in dungeon.

Bruce "the Grim" McGregor
b.774 d. 829
Son of Baliol
Warrior unlike his father and grandfather.
Small man, long moustaches and a goatee. Fiery tempered. Real military genius, who refused to fight. Waged highly successful guerrilla warfare against anyone who tried to enter his lands.
Killed his younger brother Gordon in 806 after losing his temper, for which he felt guilty later.
Halzunthram imprisoned his sisters and executed his brothers Dungal and Edward in 805 and Christopher together with his brother-in-law Neil MacDowell in 806. Last of his brothers Ian was killed in battle in 818.
Had two wives: Elizabeth McDonald (daughter Mary) and Isabella Burgh (son David) and at least 5 bastards.
Died in fever.

David "the Maiden" McGregor
b. 804 d. 871
Only legal son of Bruce.
Lean man with small moustaches. Mean lacking courage. Liked dancing and gaming.
He slowly built peace, prosperity and order around Crownguard. Got only ingratitude from people, because he used the money for his own purposes.
Had two wives Margaret Batril (d.862) and Joan Leslie, but no children. Was bitter for his half-brother Robert because of his children. Had him imprisoned in 868 for couple of weeks, but kept him alive as an heir.
Died unexpectedly in 871.

Robert "the Mighty" McGregor
b. 816 d. 890
Illegitimate son of Bruce.
Viceroy of Sablestone 875-885, Treasurer 885-890
Tall, handsome man, impressive in appearance, with aristocratic bearing and bloodshot eyes. Clean-shaven with moustaches. Used uniforms.
Humble, mild, affable, cheerful and honourable. Weak man, ineffective, mediocre and incompetent as a ruler, had a poor health.
Popular, had Olympian prodigality (21 children, which only 12 were indisputably legitimate), nick name "Mighty Bob".
Two wives Annabella Ross (Sons Kenneth, Walter, Alexander, daughters Mary, Jean, Katherine, Elizabeth, Margaret) and Elizabeth Graham (Sons Quentin, Angus, daughters Egidia, Isabella, Moira).
His two oldest sons Kenneth and Walter (as Castellan of Crownguard, politician of a family) ruled Klantyre and Crownguard in his last years, when Robert stayed in Glantri City.
Eldest daughter Mary married John McDougall in 852.

Kenneth "the Gross" McGregor
b. 840 d. 906
Oldest son of Robert
Treasurer 890-896, Supreme Judge 896-906
Stocky man, with a limp. Stable and calm.
During his time there was great discord amongst Klantyrians because he exercised rigour nowhere.
Let Klantyre to be ruled by his dominating younger brother Walter.
Power struggle between Walter and Kenneth's oldest son Angus, which ended Angus' death in 902. Angus 899-902 Lieutenant in Klantyre.
As Supreme judge sought to improve the quality of both criminal and civil justice.
Wife Joan Mar, sons Angus, Malcolm, daughters Margaret, Mary, Egidia
Died in heart attack.

Malcolm "the Bald" McGregor
b. 874 d. 937
Son of Kenneth
Viceroy of Sablestone 906-937, Treasurer 936-37
Tall, bald and clean-shaven. Good ruler and a man of the arts. Athlete, linguist, musician, singer and poet. Energetic, accomplished and impatient. His energy and ruthlessness antagonised many of his relatives and fellow nobles.
Preferred to be feared than loved.
Executed castellan of Sablestone, Murdoch McGregor (son of Walter) in 925.
Wife Ingeborg McDougall, son Duncan daughters Joan, Mary, Margaret, Matilda, Ada, Isabel
Was murdered by his uncle Angus.

Duncan "the Wolf" McGregor
b. 900 d. 960
Son of Malcolm
Viceroy of Sablestone 937-960
Tall man, with coarse features.
Executed his second cousin Douglas, castellan of Sablestone, in 939. Next year killed his sons.
Wife Marjory Badenoch, sons Brannart, Angus, David, Bruce, Daughters Eleanor, Annabella
Died in explosion in Sablestone.

Brannart McGregor
b. 9 d. 1015?
Son of Duncan
Viceroy of Sablestone 960-1015
Had three brothers two of which (Angus and David) were arrested and disappeared in 979. Third Bruce died in suspicious circumstances after escaping to Darokin.
Wife Agnes McDougall, sons Duncan, Quentin, daughters Marjorie, Barbara