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Major Conflicts and Interactions - Azcan/M-Inca

by John Calvin

I'm thinking of basing this Azcan offshoot on the Incas - as such they would be very organised and very militaristic. Newly emerged from beneath the earth, they are ready to grab as much land (above the earth) as they possibly can. This is going to put them in direct conflict with both the Taymorans and the Urzud humanoids. Although at first caught off guard by such a well organised force, the Taymorans should be able to hold their own once they realise the true threat that the M-Inca represent. Conflicts with the Urzud humanoids are more sporadic and consist mostly of skirmishes with raiding parties that the humanoids send down south.

Unlike many of the nations of this time the M-Inca are not concerned with taking slaves, but more concerned about building up an empire. As such they tend to slaughter enemy soldiers rather than take prisoners, although they are more forgiving with non-combatant populations. They would rather have living vassals that can toil the land and pay tribute to their growing empire.

Underground, things are a bit different. Periods of guerrilla warfare with the "Shadow Elves" are interspersed with periods of peace, and sometimes even cooperation. The Deep elves worship darker immortals, and many actively seek to spread their faith among the M-Inca. To some extent they have succeeded and a certain portion of the M-Inca society has already succumbed to evil practices. This portion of the populace opposes the return to the surface world.

Contact with the kopru and their dominarchy is sporadic at best... few even know of the creatures existence. Nevertheless the dominarchy is already firmly in control of several coastal populations. In these areas secret wars and assassination games are played out every day as the kopru vie for dominance among one another. There is an uneasy truce with the elven immigrants from Vulcania who often trade with the M-Inca, bringing to them exotic goods and services.

Likewise, contact with both the Shimmering Lands and the Mogreth is marginal. Both nations often send raiding parties into foreign lands in order to acquire new slaves, sometimes in secret and sometimes in force. When giants are met, they are almost universally conquered or killed, and the same treatment can be expected by any native elven nations in the area.