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Major Conflicts and Interactions - Kopru Dominarchy

by John Calvin

Although the kopru live mostly beneath the surface of the sea, near areas of intense heat and volcanic activity, their reach is long and can be felt in the lands above the sea. Most islands in the Sea of Dread, settled long ago by people of Oltec descent, now fall under the rulership of the Dominarchy. It is on these islands that the kopru rule openly. Those they rule over are completely cowed by their presence, and function as little more than puppets for their masters to manipulate.

This behaviour changes on the farther shores of southern Brun however. Here the other races are wary. Proud of their own traditions and defiant even in the face of the Great Rain of Fire that obliterated their nations hundreds of years ago, the nations of Brun are more than puppets for others to wear... or so they think to themselves.

For nearly two centuries the kopru have had contact with various dwarven factions, and were instrumental in shaping the current structure of Clan Karlheig. Several Shimmering Land communities located on the southern coast of the Bridge of Oost are already firmly within their grip. Further south, in the lands of Mogreth, the kopru are known to have limited dealings with the frogfolk of the swamps. The extent of their control is ambiguous, and may only apply to scattered individuals, for those in Mogreth worship strange things even more alien than the kopru.

The elves of the Vulcanian immigration must constantly be on the watch for the kopru and their minions. Although the kopru come openly to the elves as friends, advisers, and traders, in truth they seek to dominate any who cross over their waters.

Many M-Inca communities on the Brun coast have been completely dominated, and the kopru use their influence in those lands to urge war against their greatest enemies, the Taymorans. In Taymora their influence is limited. There they battle for dominion over the mundane cattle with an enemy they can not control directly. Many of the Taymoran rulers are members of the living dead, and are creatures that the kopru hate and fear.

Of the other races, the kopru know of and care for little. For the most part the giants and elves on Brun stay far inland, and out of their reach. Of the deep elves they are completely oblivious, and the humanoids of Urzud range too far to the west to be of much concern.

That's all above the waves, but below the waves is an entirely different world.