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Major Conflicts and Interactions - Taymora

by John Calvin

The Taymorans have several well established city states on and near the southern coast of Brun, each of which is led by a wizard king or occasionally queen. During the early years, when the Taymorans first began to establish themselves in this area, they had to contend with a very pervasive form of the Wasting disease. Much of the populace would succumb to the disease and be dreadfully deformed before undergoing a slow and painful death. To combat this some of the nobility embraced the kiss of undeath, becoming nosferatu and vampires. Now, even though the effects of the Wasting are felt far less severely, the Taymoran populace suffers a new plague - that of their undead masters.

Throughout much of their history the city states competed and made war with one another, and that trend continues even now. Some of the more powerful states however, have been able to conquer their neighbours, and if the undead rulers have their way Taymora will soon be unified under the leadership of one of them. Which one will emerge victorious, none can say.

One of the factors that began to unify the city states was the emerging M-Inca to the west. An aggressive and expansive nation, the M-Inca invasion is constantly being fought against. Urzud humanoids are rarely encountered, although when they are the outcome is never forgone. Sometimes the Urzud can be dealt with in a civilised manner and sometimes not. Conflicts in the east sporadically break out with Mogreth as both the lizard empire and Taymora vie for dominance over the human settlements between their two nations.

The Shimmering Lands and its inhabitants are avoided by choice, tolerated when necessary, and eradicated when possible. The dwarves carry with them the lingering rot of the Wasting, and many Taymorans still fear its touch. Some of the Taymoran rulership has dealings with certain dwarven households, buying slaves from them and hiring them to create magical items that the Taymora can not create themselves.

The sea holds both one of Taymora's greatest adversaries as well as one of its strongest allies. The kopru and their puppets fight a constant battle with the undead of Taymora, who they see as abominations that resist their control. The nosferatu have similar views of the kopru who constantly try to dominate subjects that rightfully belong to Taymora. From Vulcania come the elves on their long migration, and although they have no love for undead things they have always dealt with Taymora up front and honestly. Many elves have settled on islands in the Sea of Dread and are willing partners in the fight against the kopru.