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Major Conflicts and Interactions - Urzud

by John Calvin

Urzud. The very name reeks of violence and barbarism. It is here that the beastmen fled from the persecution of Blackmoor. Here that they found sanctuary during and after the Great Rain of Fire. Here that they have prospered and multiplied. Here that they have changed... or ceased changing. For after the coming of the Great Rain of Fire, the beastmen began to bread true for the first time. Forming themselves into new tribes centred around emerging bloodlines, the beastmen of Urzud venture forth once again.

Although their bloodlines have become more predictable, their behaviour has not. Beastmen under different banners may react in entirely different manners to the same situations. Where one tribe may be satisfied parlaying with travellers, another may seek only plunder and attack. Many tribes wander far and wide across the Known World acting as explorers, merchants, and most frequently as war-bands.

The beastmen remember well the persecution of Blackmoor and so attack most elves on sight, and are repaid in kind by those that dwell in the north lands. The dwarves of the Shimmering Lands would suffer the same fate were it not for the fact that they are wealthy enough to buy the beastmen's forgetfulness. For the dwarves they often work as mercenaries, especially when fighting against giants and elves.

Rarely will one of the tribes venture as far south as the coast, but it is not unknown for them to do so. Once there they may hire themselves out to the Taymora, M-Inca, and even on occasion to the Mogreth. Just as likely they will go on a rampage, destroying and plundering any settlement they cross paths with.

When in Urzud, their only truly permanent city, the beastmen can be just as unpredictable. Some still carry the old blood, and conflicts between these and the new humanoid strains that breed true are common. Even those who share blood have cause to distrust one another, for the city of Urzud holds many secrets, and beastmen fight to possess them with jealous ferocity. Should one tribe dominate the others all of Urzud could be brought to bear against the world.