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Major Conflicts and Interactions - Vulcanian Immigrants

by John Calvin

It wasn't more than 100 years ago that Vulcania erupted in torrents of fire, and the last bastion of pre-cataclysmic civilisation, the elves, was wiped from the surface of the planet. Some of the elves had predicted this fate however. They forsake the use of Blackmoorian technologies in favour of returning to their ancestral ways. The embraced the natural world, and because they could not persuade their brethren in Vulcania to do the same, they left. Led by two kings, the enthusiastic Ilsundal, and taciturn Atziann, the elves have been in search of a new home ever since.

The migration is large, and it moves slowly, but its forerunners have made their way across the Sea of Dread and to the southern shores of Brun. This is no easy task considering that the kopru in the area would love nothing better than to bring the entire elven population under their control.

In the Taymorans the elves have found a willing partner in their fight against the monstrosities that control the Sea of Dread. Although the elves care little for the ways of Taymora they are very careful to foster feelings of trust and mutual cooperation to any new civilisations that they come across. First and foremost their mission is to find a suitable home for their people and they would prefer to make friends rather than enemies. They have much the same relationship with the M-Inca.

Among the races along the eastern coast of Brun their relations are more strained. With the Mogreth they are uneasy. The cold ways of the lizard folk are strange and hard to fathom, and with the Shimmering Lands relations are worse. The dwarves blame the elves (and those from Vulcania in particular) for the destruction of Blackmoor and the Great Rain of Fire that followed. The elves return the sentiment, especially since the dwarves persist in dabbling with the accursed radiance.

The greatest threat to the Vulcanian elves comes from within however. The two leaders of the immigration could be mirror images of one another, and ones that never agree on anything. A growing number of the immigrants, following Atziann, wish to take a more active role in acquiring a homeland. Rather than search for a suitable location, as Ilsundal proscribes, these elves would take a new home through conquest. Many have their eyes on the lands near the dwarves to the north, who they see as a threat to their very existence. There they have brethren already, and could gather enough support to take what they want by force.