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The Wizard's Codex

1 Power by Angelo Bertolli

Range: ?

Duration: ?

Effect: This spell is totally unpredictable, doing something weird and different every time, or may do nothing at all. The DM really should determine the effect as randomly as possible (though effects should be weird and unexpected, not necessarily powerful).

1 Stoneskin by Angelo Bertolli

Range: 0

Duration: 1 turn

Effect: Protects the caster. The caster's skin becomes hard and stone-like, giving the caster a -2 bonus to AC vs melee and hand thrown attacks, and a -4 bonus to fired missiles (not giant).

1 Chilling Touch by Angelo Bertolli

Range: 10'

Duration: 2 rounds

Effect: This spell does 1d4 points of damage to one creature within range. Furthermore, the creature must save vs paralysis or suffer -1 to melee hit and damage rolls for 1d6 rounds. A large heat source nearby gives a +2 to save. The caster may use this spell on one target up to 2 rounds after casting.

1 Keepsake by Jeff Querner

Range: touch

Duration: permanent

Effect: When keepsake is cast on your magic book, it disallows use of your book by anyone not mentioned in the spell casting. The spell can even allow you to distinguish which spells which people may or may not look at. If someone attempts to read your spell without your authority (decided when you cast the spell), a note appears saying "naughty, naughty." However, keepsake does not stop anyone from destroying the spell book.

1 Mana Shield by Jeff Querner

Range: 0

Duration: 6 turns

Effect: Protects the caster, effectively giving him 2d4 extra mana hp for the duration of the spell. Damage is taken from the mana shield first; of course multiple spells are not cumulative.

2 Flame Bolt by Angelo Bertolli

Range: 30'

Duration: instant

Effect: This spell shoots a bolt of fire at one creature up to 30'. The flame bolt does 2d10 points of damage with a save vs spells for half damage. Creatures resistant to fire automatically take half damage, and may save to talk no damage.

2 Electrapulse by Angelo Bertolli

Range: 60'

Duration: instant

Effect: This spell fires a charge up to 60' away that bursts into a pulse of electrical energy with a 10' diameter. The electrapulse does 4d4 points of damage with a save vs spells for half damage. Creatures resistant to lightning automatically take half damage and may make a save to take no damage.

2 Acid Splash by Angelo Bertolli

Range: 90'

Duration: instant

Effect: This spell fires one or more missiles of acid. The total damage the spell inflicts is 3d6 points of damage. The caster must decide before casting the spell how many missiles to fire, and the total damage will be distributed among them evenly (rounded down, even to 0). Each creature that takes damage may make a save vs spells for half damage. Creatures made of stone are not affected by this spell.

2 Prismatic Orb

Range: 90'

Duration: one round

Effect: Creates an orb of randomly changing colors which can be fired at one creature within range. The color the orb happens to be when it strikes the color (determined by the table below) determines the effects of the orb. The DM may add colors and effects to this table.

1d8 Color Effect
1 Red 2d8 fire dmg, save for half
2 Orange save or be charmed for 1d4 rounds
3 Yellow save or be confused for 2d4 rounds
4 Green save or be slowed for 1d4 rounds
5 Blue 2d8 lit dmg, save for half
6 Violet save or pain for 2d4 rounds (-1 AC, saves, hit/dmg)
7 White 2d8 cold dmg, save for half
8 Black save or blind 1d4 rounds

2 Ice Knife from Dungeon #47

Range: 40'

Duration: instant

Effect: Fires a dagger of ice at the target, hitting as if thrown by the caster, for 2d4 points of damage. When it strikes a solid object, it shatters with a loud snap, releasing a wave of numbing cold 5' radius. All creatures must save vs paralysis or suffer 1d4 cold damage and be numbed for 1d3 rounds--half move, half attacks, +1 AC, -2 hit. A large heat source nearby gives a +2 to save.

4 Acid Bolts from Dragon #200

Range: 240'

Duration: 1 round

Effect: This spell conjures two highly corrosive teardrops of acid that the caster may fire at targets within range. These bolts will strike their targets unerringly, moving and dodging around obstacles to get them. Each bolt does 4d6 points of damage, no save. Creatures made of stone are not affected by this spell.

4 Meteor by Angelo Bertolli

Range: 120'

Duration: instant

Effect: This fires a meteor at a target, doing 1d6 points of damage per level of caster of impact damage (with a save for half). It then explodes into a fireball of diameter 15', doing another 1d6 points of fire damage per level of caster to all creatures within that area (with a save for half).

4 Magic Mirror by Jeff Querner

Range: nil

Duration: 1 turn per level

Effect: Creates a magic mirror through which the caster can view other creatures or areas (operates like a crystal ball with clairaudience). Detection and vision spells can be cast into it, allowing the caster to detect magic, see invisible, etc in the area he is viewing.

5 Dream by Jeff Querner

Range: Material Plane

Duration: special

Effect: This allows the caster to visit and communicate with another creature through the victim's dream. If the victim does not wish to have the dream, he can make a save vs spells to wake up. This spell does not cause the victim to fall asleep. The caster can try to give nightmares by attacking the victim in his dreams, creating illusions, etc. however these things have no real effect. Should the caster want to cast this spell on a creature who is awake, they will merely be able to communicate telepathically.

9 Nexus from Angband

Range: 120'

Duration: instant

Effect: When this spell is cast upon a creature, it "shuffles" its abilities scores. The victim may save vs spells to avoid the effects. This dreaded attack is non-reversible, and can cause special problems for characters with minimum attribute requirements (DM's discretion). One method of randomly determining the shuffle is to roll 1d6 for each attribute and swap that attribute with the number of the attribute indicated by the roll. It is possible to end up with the same attributes. This spell is almost useless against monsters because most monsters are considered to have the "average" score for all their abilities (DM's discretion).