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Mystara Cosmology another view

by Marco Dalmonte

Uhm... I don't like some of the changes you are making Håvard. I prefer to stick to the old Multiverse cosmology as follows:

Inner Planes
Prime Plane (Mystara and Aelos)
Plane of Fire
Plane of Earth
Plane of Water
Plane of Air

Transitive Planes
Ethereal Plane (Coterminous with Prime, Elemental Planes and Astral)
Astral Plane (Coterminous with Ethereal and Outer Planes)
Vortex Plane (The outermost layer of the Multiverse coterminous with SOME Outer Planes, extremely hostile environment)

Outer Planes
Endless named and unnamed planes, most of them coterminous with the Astral, just a few coterminous with other Planes and the Vortex. All of them are biased towards one and only ONE of the five immortal Spheres.
Among them we can name:
Draesten (Energy)
Brynn (Matter)
Entrem (Time)
Mirage (Thought)
Pyts (Entropy)
Old Alphatia (Energy)

Alternate Prime Planes
Plane of New Blackmoor (maybe Greyhawk?)
Plane of Laterre (aka Dimension of Myth)
Plane of Nightmares (aka Dimension of Nightmares)
Plane of Spirits (aka Spiritworld -see Ethengar)

Limbo is still a mystery, but IMHO it may be located :
a) at the Border Ethereal, coterminous with the Astral and the Ethereal, dominated by Chaos (Entropy)
b) in the first layer of the Vortex
c) in one of the Outer Planes (biased towards Entropy)

Likewise the Dreamlands are a bit tough to place, but we've got 3 options (the first is always my preferred choice)
a) in the Astral Plane (it's one of the worlds there)
b) in another Prime
c) in a special Outer Plane given to the Fey by the Hierarchs

Finally, the Plane of Shadows and the Planes of Positive and Negative energy have never really been part of the Mystaran cosmology. If I had to introduce them however, I would make the plane of Shadows part of the Inner Planes, coterminous to the Prime and the Ethereal ONLY.
As for the Positive and Negative planes, the idea of having the Outer Planes as a whole as sources of these energies is superb, and I would not limit the planes to the ones listed in WotI. Actually IMO ALL Entropic planes produce negative energy, while the planes of ALL other spheres produce positive energy.
Remember that Draesten, Mirage & Co are simply Meeting Planes for the different spheres, where each immortal maintains a Hall and all the meetings of the immortals of that particular sphere are HELD. Likely no immortal owns these planes, but in case you think differently, then they are probably the property of the current Ruling Hierarch (and thus their lordship changes with time).