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Structure of Mystara elf-like creatures

by Håvard

What you were talking about with Big Mac in the other thread made me think there could be two places called Annwn as well. PC1 seems to suggest that Annwn exists on Mystara, but I think it would be interesting to have a plane for Dark Fey creatures as well. Perhaps this Annwn is just a different name for Svartalfheim?

I like your interpretation of the Dark Elves. Perhaps the split between the Light Elves and the Dark Elves took place during the Childhood of the Elves. The Dark Elves were simply the elves that rejected Ordana and went on to live in Svartalfheim/Annwn.

Inspired by the Eladrin in D&D5E and their relationship with the elves, I wanted to organize various Mystaran elf-like creatures in a similar structure shown in this thread.

Basically I would have the structure be something like this: