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Melo the Fierce

by Mischa E Gelman

Melo the Fierce
Sphere: Energy
Rank: Novice Temporal

History: Melo was a human mage in life. Unfortunately, many did not consider him human. He was a midget at best(3'3" and 72 lbs). Often insulted due to his lack of height, he took all as an insult. He decided to strike back at those who picked on him in his youth and found a route to do so through magic. He took up study, travelling from city to city so that by the time he was getting older and more bitter(late 40s) he could avenge insults immediately.

Realizing his quest for respect was futile, as some would eternally look down on him, he settled in the Shires. Here he tried to teach the halflings magic, encouraging them to rise up in the world. One of the halflings, Shlumpy the Bold, decided the mage was right and that short folk had taken enough abuse. Together the two went out foolishly to draw the halflings together against the taller, condescending folk.

Of course, many halflings did not feel this way and turned their back on the two, who became fed up. They realised unity would not get them anywhere, and so left the Shires to prove their might on their own. They were joined by several humans who felt that they were indeed too patronising and who felt sorry for the mage's past treatment. One of the humans, a thief named Roberta even fell in love with the mage.

Finding such kind humans, and even getting married to one(Roberta) at age 54, changed the mage's outlook. He realised not all humans were bad, but he still set out to prove himself at his age. He gained in power over his years, and by the age of 60 was powerful indeed and even had a daughter born to him.

But life is cruel. The group got lost, and found their way to the Hollow World. Here where resurrection was impossible, death was final. And three of those who were with him died there. The loss of his lifelong ally, Shlumpy was bad, but the loss of his wife he could not bear. He left the few remaining friends and went to live among the Beastmen, another group hated for their looks.

Here he found the alliance he did not find in his younger age with the halflings. His magic supported the tribe he joined, and his unique features were special in this land of unique-looking beings. He was accepted much more easily into Beastman society than if he had looked "normal". He continued to raise his daughter, and even remarried, becoming fully accepted in the Beastman clan.

Still his life was lacking. He did not rest comfortably in his old age. He knew his time was limited, and his mark was not made, even with a wonderful child, almost grown up. He left his people once again, but this time they were truly his people for the 1st time. He left into the Arctic and was never heard from again.

Interests: Melo achieved immortality at the age of 83, nearly completely wasted by years and his quest but spurred on by his will to remain forever. He still watches over the Beastmen with whom he lived, and was very surprised to find he had sired another daughter before he had left. He especially watches over his two children, both key movers among the Beastmen. He has even tried to go against the Spell of Preservation for the sake of the Beastmen, by secretly strengthening the power of their wiccas so that they could become more useful.

His main quest though is back where he spent some of his middle years -- the shires. He has worked harder and harder every month to bring magic into the hands of the halflings, whom he still thinks are looked down on too much. He has made his presence known recently to some halflings with magical promise, and he led them to Glantri where they have just started study to the surprise of the mages there. The chance that any of them will succeed are slim, but Melo feels that if one succeeds and becomes a strong mage, the respect for halflings and short folk everywhere will rise.

Symbol: Melo doesn't believe much in the use of symbols, rather in the use of concepts. In such, he requires his followers no holy symbols or like images.

Allies: Melo is a rather new immortal and as such has few allies. Several old companions who do not hate him for his leaving them. (Note: if I get to it, I'll post them later) Otherwise Melo has no friends among the immortals-he has even broken with his sponsor already.

Enemies: Also few. he is not powerful enough to earn the enmity of the main immortals. He does not seek alliances and does not seek to interfere with the plans of others-he just watches over the few who concern him and ignores all else.

Personality: I think this has been covered in the earlier sections

Follower's Alignment: Melo prefers his followers to be neutral, but doesn't care much either way. His followers are usually halflings and beastmen who practice magic, so a very limited group. He does not have any clerics among his followers, or thieves. He would accept paladins of his cause, but mages carry out his purposes better.

Followers: As he has no clerical followers, he can't grant them any special powers. A halfling mage can only reach level 4, using elf experience and magic tables(till level 4 of course)-none of his followers have yet reached that far even though Melo hopes to grant them more power eventually. A Beastman wicca who follows Melo or follows his ideals even gets an extra 2 levels of magic ability possible(old limit?). A Beastman wicca/shaman gets the same bonus, too. Ex: if old limit was 2/4 for a w/s a follower of Melo gets 4/4.

Mortal stats-
INT 15
WIS 11
Ht 3'3"
Wt 72#
Weapons: Grand Master w/ Dagger+5,deceiving
Alignment: Neutral
Armour: Displacer Cloak,RoP+4,RoP+4,Amulet of Protection+3,Necklace of +1 Protection- AC -10
Magic-user of level36

Immortals stats-
Novice Temporal of Energy
STR 11
INT 18
WIS 13
DEX 14
CON 11
CHR 12
Aura-affects 1-no penalty to save
Power Points-500
THAC0 5 w/ punch of damage 0
Movement: Universal, Interplanar, Interdimensional as normal immortal Walk 150', Run 300', Gaseous Form 720', Fly 360'
Ht 2'3"(modified to halfling appearance)
Wt 50#
Home Plane: not yet developed-probably won't be anytime soon