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by Meltheim Shadowstalker

Meltheim, known to those of his realm of origin as Melf, was once an apprentice to the Immortal Kyria, the Goddess of Fate, Pleasure and Pain. Under her tutelage, he became one of the premier mages of his time, and thus created such spells as Melf's Acid Arrow, which is used by many young adventurers even today. Once given the title of "Shadowstalker" in a former lifetime, Melf has remained true to his skills as an assassin even today. As a Devotee of Fate, a title given to him under the guidance of Kyria, he was taught the skill of Chronomancy, a once forgotten ability to traverse not only time, but realms and planes. This power was bestowed upon him by the Goddess Kyria, in order to protect and preserve the continuum, which was in jeopardy of destruction during the Wrath of the Immortals.

In his quest for perfection and immortality in the vibrant Plane of Time, one angry and vengeful Immortal (who shall remain nameless for safety reasons) struck down Melf in his prime, and gave him the choice of being reborn as an invalid, or having immortality plagued by insanity. Being an elf, Melf valued life and did not make his decision quickly enough, so the Immortal chose for hi. With his staff extended, he shot a beam of pure Entropy into Melf's body, and sent him into another realm.

Before he was completely transported however, the Goddess Kyria threw herself in from of the beam, knocking Melf partially out of the way. Kyria, being not of full Hierarch status, was under the orders of several Immortals that had given her the task and knowledge of protecting the one known as Melf, for he was to rise up in the world and to be of great importance one day. For this reason, and this reason alone, Kyria did this benevolent and seemingly selfless act to save not only herself, but Melf as well.*

Because of this, Melf is torn between two realms, the Sylvan Realm and the Mystaran Realm, or the Known World. He sometimes has memories or flashbacks of even ts that occurred in the Sylvan Realm, which he called home. As a result of Kyria's selflessness, she too was sent into the realm, and has now assumed a position as the Empyreal of Energy, the Red Arrow, The Guardian, Mealiden Starwatcher. When Kyria found herself imbued with the powers of an Immortal once again, she, or he as the matter may be, immediately gave Melf, whom we will call Meltheim (combination of Melf and Alfheim, the land he inadvertently destroyed), some special abilities so that he would not be completely naked in this world. Thus, Meltheim has been infused with the abilities of not only the mage, but the fighter and the thief. He also was trained in the special army of the Selenii, thought only to be rumours to most in the Prime Material Plane. He is what is known as an Infiltrator, one trained in the skills of reconnaissance, infiltration, assimilation, and the gathering of intelligence.

Mealiden Starwatcher placed certain memories in Meltheim's brain, as a way of programming him, for the ultimate mission, the destruction of the evil Immortal which has assumed the position as the evil Queen of Meridius, the evil forces she commands, and the mythological entity known as the Wyrm. Meltheim does not know why he knows these things, but he does know that to accomplish his mission, he must destroy all that would stop him from achieving his goal, and tell nobody of his intentions. Because of this, he befriends few and trusts no one, lest his thoughts and memories be revealed. If for some reason they were, he would execute himself immediately, and Mealiden would purge all memories of his existence.

* It is rumoured that, although she would not admit to it, Kyria has a soft spot for Melf, as their many years spent together in close quarters have made her accustomed to his company. This too could be the reason for her sacrificial deed.