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Mentats of Honor Island

by Joaquin Menchaca

Before there were discussions of using psionics in a Mystaran campaign. I personally never liked psionics as the system was incompatible and unbalancing to the AD&D system. Now with the upcoming Psionic system (March 2001), there is a psionic system that is compatible with the existing "divine" and "arcane" spell resolution system. Consider this a third category of "psionic".

Given this, I want to use psionics, so here is one idea...

Honor Island (Ierendi) is indeed a cursed island. Those not possessing psionic powers and step onto the island have a chance to go insane. Somehow, Psionically endowed persons are immune to this effect. On the island in a monastery, there exist a secret society of pscions called "Mentats" whom practice their art in secrecy. They are somehow able to link their powers together. They continuously seek out other pscions whom may be compatible with their group, and bring them into their flock. Those that are not compatible, or who refuse to join, will either have their powers removed, or somehow disappear from Mystara. It is unknown the actual goal of this secret society, nor what they hope to gain. They are on some important mission, some purpose, that they feel is greater than their individual lives.

The mentats never make decisions on their own as they are always mind-linked with the whole, and they make decisions as a whole. Characters will note that any decision of import requires the mentat to pause and close his eyes while he contemplates the decision. Really he is communicating amongst his brethren for the final decision.

It is unknown as to whether these mentats are related to the cursed peoples of the island (those of Nithian descent), or whether they were later settlers whom found themselves immune to the curse's effect. The origin and existence of the mentats is unknown, as is their purpose. It is speculated by local sages that the group is quite old, even perhaps as old as Nithia itself. (Hint, Hint)