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by Geoff Gander

Level: 4
Range: 0' (caster only)
Duration: 1 turn/level of caster
Effect: One piece of metal not exceeding 10 feet cubed.
This spell was devised in ages past by the Carnifex of Y'hog to aid in the forging of metal without requiring large amounts of coal or other fuels. The isle of Y'hegg-T'uhath, upon which the now-legendary city of Y'hog was built, had very few forests, and its mountains contained only a few traces of coal. Needing some sort of means to shape the raw metal ores present on the island into useable items, they petitioned their otherworldly masters, the Outer Beings, for aid. Those entities gave the Carnifex this spell, which was then used on a wide scale in the various smithies and foundries of their dark empire. This was of special utility to the Carnifex, whose troglodyte underclass of servants, warriors, and labourers no longer had to be exposed to the extreme heat of furnaces, whose high temperatures all but blinded their sensitive infravision.

When cast, this spell opens a tiny gateway into the prison dimensions of the Outer Beings. This opening is far too small, and transitory, to allow the Outer Beings, or any of their servitors, to pass through - which explains why it has escaped the attention of the Immortals thus far. The opening lasts only a split second, and while it exists it is undetectable, but the energies that pass through remain as a cloud of ambient magical energy, visible only to the caster and centred on a piece of metal. This cloud remains for one turn per level of the caster, and during that time he or she may give any person in the area access to it. Due to the formulation of this spell, only those crafting metal may access the power. Once access is gained, the smith needs only concentrate on the item to be crafted, and use his or her hands, or tools, to mould and stretch the metal into shape. Pieces may be broken off or joined, and there is no limit to how artistic the end product may be; one need only make a smithing skill roll to determine success, as only the heat from the forge is absent. Up to ten cubic feet of metal may be affected per casting of this spell.

This spell was also taught to many troglodyte spellcasters (what few there were) in the Carnifex empire, who, if any survived the fall of Y'hog, may have maintained the required knowledge to continue using this spell. The Deep Carnifex possess knowledge of this spell, as well, though they have forgotten that it was the Outer Beings who originally provided it. Those few human and demihuman spellcasters who are aware of the Carnifex of Y'hog and their ilk have been trying for many years to duplicate this spell in secret, without needing to tap the powers of the Outer Beings. So far, they have been unsuccessful.