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Leylines, magical locations, and "pyramid" power

by Robin

Has anyone taken a look at Pyramid Magic from the Hollow World Sourcebook HWR2 Kingdom of Nithia? One thing I was wondering about was whether this type of magic would be available to other cultures building Pyramids as well? Should the Oltecs and Azcans be able to use their Pyramids in a similar fashion? What if old Pyramids (Nithian or other) are excavated on the Outer World. Would it be possible to activate their Pyramid Magic? I suppose this could be what the Dead Lands of Ylaruam are about?

Finally, could there be a connection between Pyramid Magic and the magic used by Druids and M-Celt cultures for their Menhirs and Druidic Circles?

My personal opinion is that (like our Real world assumed) is covered in Leylines, where they cross there are magical locations. The Great Rain of Fire created several new lines, and also random spos.
Sentient creatures tried to control the energy divined by Rhabdomancy with dolmen, henges, obeliskes, and even with pyramids (as all these (with only 3 exceptions in the RW) are perfect N-S directed.
As Nithians were a very magic aware and controlling culture, they certainly would try to control the magic from all sources known to them.
As I have often used in my maps, and also in Canon maps, or even Bruce Heards dolmen theory in Northern Wildlands/Wendar. magic spots are not so rare as the 8 mikle maps can give. As thus I think if you see on my Nithian map these locations would thus mostly (for the magic locations they were aware off and existed in their era) overlapping the pyramids AND obeliskes.
As Oltecs are also aware of magic, but less active in the control of it, I am certain they would know at least the basicprinciples. most obviously they would have not obelisks but more like statues as centre of control, and the pyramids similar, but not all pyramids of oltecs would be thus, and probably NOT N-S directed.
as thus there would locations die out of magic and new ones arise when the leylines change (like due meteors, hevy volcanoes, opening greater magical gates, and massive spells (see article volcano magic in Dragon)

Country/Location Minor Magical Location Major Magical Location
NithiaOW&HW Almost all are Obelisk Almost all are Pyramid
Alphatia Many are mage tower locations Some are magetower is capital city Eriadna
OlctecOW&HW Almost all are Statue Many are Pyramid
Atruaghin HW/Azcan All!! are Statue Some are Pyramid
Norwold Almost all are Dolmen Many are wood Henges
Northern Reaches almost all are Runestones Many are stone Henges
Known World some are Menhir Some are Henges
Isle of Dawn Some are Menhir, some are Dolmen set by Fairy Most are Henges
Alfheim/Wendar Most are nature based gardens/or stone Dolmen (Wendar only) Most are impressive natural locations/trees
Milenian(OW &HW) Some Stones with maze patterns Some Mazes.These are called Temenos
Sind/HuleOW/ShahjapurHW Some are Mounds some are Burial Mounds
DwarvesOW&HW Almost all decorated Runestones or Floorpatterns in underground Almost all Patterned distribution Runes stones, or Dwarven Magic floor patterns in underground
Hin/HalflingsOW&HW Many Minor Mounds Many Greater Mounds or Blackflame Cave
------------ More Primitive Locations --------------
Beastmen Wastes/humanoid locationsOW&HW Many Animal Pictures on flatstones laying Some Animal/monster pictures on Standing Stones or in cave
Primitive culturesOW&HW Many Stone arrangement Some Larger stone arrangement
Atruaghin Horse Clan OW Many are small Mounds with with Dreamcatchers Many are Totem Poles with Dance circles
Atruaghin Bear Clan OW Many are Places of the Dead with Dreamcatchers Some are Mounds
Atruaghin Turtle Clan OW Many are Small Mounds with Dreamcatchers Most are Totem Poles
Atruaghin Tigre Clan OW Some are Statue Some are Pyramid
Atruaghin Elk Clan OW Few are circles of pits/stones/trees, logs, Some are Medicine wheels
Witches worldwideOW&HW Many Coven Circle Some Greater Coven circle
GiantsOW&HW Most Runestones Many Circle of Runes Stones/Menhir/Dolmen/wall decoration

Extra Information
Azcan; The energy is somehow blocked and only released with disturbing the elemental Bond by releasing Entropy by a sacrifice) As thus the energy/magic use is very restricted
Known World; most are unadorned and natural however
Elven; Bruce Heard had once written a very interesting story about a Wendadrian village so pillaged that the magic went awry, and took control of the city and ruthlessly absorbed the vile creatures within. Wendar -- Power Lines & Sentient Buildings, and Wendar -- Power Lines & Sentient Buildings
And the 2 chapters dealing of his adventure dealing with this issue World in Flames: Moves and Countermoves, and World in Flames: Madness in Wendar
Witches/Wicca/Wokani; Witches recognize the magic locations and may adorn them temporarily/permanently with mostly vegetable sometimes animal sacrifices like parts of animals, dried flowers/fruids/roots etc. or a combination thereof. The ground is often covered with a thin layer of other mineral. (sand an chalkstone, coal on sand, etc.
Dwarves; this is the reason mages learned to create magic circles, they copied it from Dwarves
Hin/Halfling; Greater Mounds often with central cave used as dormitory by Hin Master and the Blackflame comes into existence here. Blackflame items are thus stored in the Minor Mounds when not in use
Giants; Variations depending on race
Atruaghin Tigre Clan OW. Use Pyramids and statues, but did NOT erect these themselves. They are either Azcan or Oltec Remnants of the Past used anew.

Just to name some examples
If you look at my 1 mile map of the Broken Lands the Valley of Khyr of the Faenare(still not finished but this section almost complete ) they do the same but create settlements around the larger location, and they would make a house on a minor location elsewhere.. as such there would exist minor housings on top of mountains.

When "Some", "Most", or similar is noted in the table above this means all others are NOT adorned in any way, or are already adorned by another older culture. It is habit not to change adornments in fear of causing the location harm/damage/contra magical effects, etc. This maybe the reason that Atzanteotl's tempoles/pyramids have been erected OVER, the old Atruaghin's temples, without damaging them).Where a location is NOT adorned in any fashion it is often new, and unrecognized as such(being magical), or the culture nearby does not adorn these locations out of religious bias/fear. Only magical creatures or magic using are aware where a location is, or only noticed by the creatures affected by it, as most effects are not welcome(even beneficial ones) due fear, it will take time for a culture to recognize and use the locations. Also When races/cultures overlap they map set up a point as in their culture, when located before the other culture.
Almost All = 95%, Most is 75%, Many = 50%, Some = 25%.Few 10% or less of the region owned by this culture. These are average changes for those DM's relying on numbers and dice rolls.

Each location has a 5%/century to lose its located natural magic by natural causes(cease to exist or shift elsewhere) and 15 to 50% in a major disaster like Great Rain of Fire, 1700 BC event, Meteor impact 1006AC, the major volcanic eruption of the huge volcano in Skothar, the destruction of the continental Plane, The rearrangement of the worlds polar gates by the immortals.
There is also a 25% chance a new minor location will come into existence, and a 5% a major. These will always be ON a ley line crossing or crossings as mentioned earlier. Where no ley lines exists NO magic locations will be other than Crystal growth (more about the crystals and crystal magic later in my Blog). However, as ley lines may shift, so might magic locations shift along it. There is no way to control or predict this shifting. Locations are prone to temporarily or permanently ceasing to exist on major mishaps.
Abandoned magical locations without magic will fall victim to plunder/looting/erosion.

Magic circles created by mages must have at least a connection to a ley line (i.e; on a line or crossing), as thus most mages will create their towers/lairs on these spots. Where lines cross (preferrably multiple crossings), these spots are often already taken (or were once and now harbor ruins). or one of the above minor or major designators

I think most of these locations are NOT affected by a Day of Dread, and the Green listed ones, this is known.

Medicine Wheel
Stone arrangements
Dead Sites

There remains only two questions if logically deduced.
The shadow elves got the ritual spell from Atzanteotl to destroy the Canolbarth. This is a spel cast by multiple casters at once, thus probably of immortal or Near immortal power, very difficult (hence ime consuming) to cast. and they were unaware of the final results.
Would it be possible that this ritual would have shiften the Ley lines, and thus disabled the magic locations of the canolbarth?
then some would be permanently destroyed, others may have shifted, or temporarily ceased until the ley lines stabalized (either nturally or by use of the elves and shadow elves combined with an alteration of the original spell ritual probably..What do you think?

The Other Problem I have with Atruaghin pyramid is Mictlan, which became Aengmor, Then became Oenkmar, then Aengmor again.
As readsing through the canon sources, Mictlan is indead overbuild, thus suggesting it to be a major magical location, Just as the religious rituals placed on it suggest it being magical. Then Aengmor sank, following a circle pattern in the Great Magma chamber, Yet still the rock functions like a major magma location, just as it would do when the Shadow Elves finally return it up through the volcanic shaft of Lower Gnollistan.
This cirtcular movement would reveal two loose leylines, and that seems to be impossible.The only solution to this would seem that there needs to be a third leyline (and this is something real world Rhabdomancers also suggest/say) from the centre of the world direction outward, (in Mystara most locically attached to the Skyshield, probably even generating it). Through its Immortal Influence Atzanteotl forced the three leylines to follow a pattern of stetch and go, thus causing the Rock of Oenkmar a circular pattern as described in Gaz 10. Just imagine a vertical thin rope with two crossed elastic bands holding a rock in centre. Any movement will result in a circular movement, due to the Coriolis effect of Mystara, and still keeping the rock attached and influenced by the leylines. I would suggest the effect of the crossing remain stable as the lines still connect, thus enabling the major magic poiunt of Aengmor/Oenkmar

It is typical that two effects of erratic behavior in Leylines seem to be affected by the same Immortal, Atzanteotl...maybe he is aware of something the other immortals do not know enough of..yet

Source HWR2-TSR9339-D&D-Mystara-Kingdom of Nithia page 28
my thoughts and adjustments to Pyramid power (better rename it Magic Point power)
External Pyramid Energy collectors
These are effectively in use in HW Nithia, but were also known on the OW. They attract and channel Pyramid (major magic point within 60 miles =3 marches) energy enabling it to be used in Household spells.(see HWR2). Even NON spellcasters can use these items.But I advise a minimum intelligence and wisdom of 10, to understand the principle(and a IN/WI check before use)
OW; Only a few in Ylaruam will still function Most will be lost by erosian and time. No other cultures will have this or similar.
HW; Azcans Are the Only magical adept culture that could have limited use of Pyramid energy collectors (house hold spells only I suggest)
Glyph use Could be possible by any literate culture that is magical adept. However, the use of that power would be limited to the users of Magic Points( minor or Major), and thus are within the limit of 60 miles (3 marches) of the magic point.
I Think Glantrian Glyphmaster also know this power, likewise so with Runecasters from The Northern Reaches, but they use the power differently. The 60 mile limit from the source seems to be a good restriction of its use. However, Runes from the Ostland/Vestand/Soderfjord (and maybe a section Dawn/Heldann), are charged and bound to the item. A good restriction also, as no more than 3 runes at max can be carried, and the runes could be cast only with the right spells AND within a magic location (2100' or less)

Minor magic point

1d12 Powers
1 No plants grow in 2100'(10 flights)
2 All spells within 210'(1 flight) have a 50% chance of Backfiring
3 A fresh water spring always flows near the base
4 All sound is silenced within 900 feet (300 paces)
5 Gold brought within 420'(2 flights) turns to lead
6 touching it gives a +1 bonus to Attack dice for 24 Hours(1 sleep)
7 Anyone looking at it must save vs. poison or fall asleep(as sleep spell)
8 Those touching it strike the nearest person once
9 Drinking water in sight of it(max 2100'=10 flights) quenches thirst for 30 days(30 sleeps)
10 Experience gained within 1 march is doubled once (after visiting point)
11 Pyramid power is doubled within 20 miles (1 march)
12 Anyone resting within 210' does not wake for 24 hours(1 sleep) unless they save vs. spells.

Minor locations are rare to be abused. Those that produce benificial effects are often so remote that only the bravest heroes can reach them (large settlements seems to alter the effect of these points to non benificial within 1d12 months after such a settlement arises.Most of these powers are concealed from the populace at large by tradition.
Some of these Magic points have constructions which can be entered through magical guarded secret doors (perfect example the Obelisk from AD&D2 Ravenloft Stone Prophet PC game--easily compatable in OW Nithia)Within are secret chambers with crystals enabling someone to control the minor location's powers anperform other fantastic feats
The constructions are unaffected by erosion, heat, cold, time, damage. This is the main reason, the Azcan overbuild the structures of the Oltec. The power is channeled further but the protection does not. Azcan temples thus can be damaged, erode, and are subject to time. only the original structure (if set correctly ) will be subject to the protection effect.

Major Locations

Major point magic
1d6 Effect known to local user
1 Turn Undead fails always 75%
2 Mummy curse (sv Dr or Ill and die in 30 days/sleeps) 50%
  or insanity or other (DM) ,
3 Any treasure taken is -1 xp/10 gp value 25%
4 no 1 lvl spells function 75%
5 All spells have 25% functioning with double power OR duration. beware side effects 75%
6 All spells have 25% chance of failing 90%

Any greater Magic point may have aligned itself with an Outer Plane (like the points in Alfheim, or Ethengar).
This could result in a passageway between the location and traversing creatures from either side.

Like Bruce Heard suggested; Greater Magic points could collect sentience (from the Megalith Urt itself?? This would mean it is indeed alive but nonactive). This sentience can be communicated with but it will itself also be affected by outside effects

Once the construction (any) upon a major magic point is completed, it begins to accumulate power. this is a slow process, taking years (circles) before a significant amount of power has built up. The interment of the dead or the growing of Nature (trees) upon it contributes to and (in Azca also the sacrifices) and accelerates this energy build up. This point energy I suggest at 100 per week, +10 per month for each body interred within, +10 for each decade each tree on the location is old. (each Azcan sacrifice gives +100).
Point energy can be used to perform numerous things. for example Pyramid power.
A energy collector is necessarry to perform any task involving this energy
This energy can be used to perform almost anything associated with mysticism and magic. the primary uses of this power involve Household magic (See HWR2), powering hover chariots and hover barges(Nithia only),Serraine vessels(as of yet unknown), Flying carpets(Known as of yet Ylaruam/Thyatis only) , flying brooms(Witches worldwide), can all be recharged here after being nullified by Day of Dread effects. Some of these are also only created here(brooms, carpet for example). No Energy collector needed as this is part of the structure of any major magic point (most often a central Rune, Stone, Altar, Heelstone, etc).
Other expensive uses

Use Cost Effect known to local user
Healing 2 energy points/round 1hp healing 90% chance
Research 10/hr variable 90% chance
Control Statue 5 /r remote control statue with collector inside, AC6 AV6 50% chance
Create undead warrior 1000points special 25% chance of following entropic Immortal else 0%  
Activate undead warrior 100 points special 25% chance of following entropic Immortal else 0%  


Size Str HD Dm point cost per round
3-6' 18 4+4 1-3or by weapon+3 5
7-12' 19 6+6 4-6 or by weapon+3 10
12-24' 20 10 9-11 or by weapon+4 20
25-40' 23 20 2d8+11 or by weapon +6 30
51-100' 25 30 3d10+14 50


1d10 result effect
1 Spirits can't be bothered. Find out yourself
2 Receive small Hint. Research time - 1 day(sleep)
3 You were lied to research successful Double research Time
4 contacted wrong spirit research successful Time +25%
5 contacted weirdo. Spell yield different results (DM)
6 your spell is important in the scheme of things. Time x 50%
7 Cosmic censors pull fast one. Time-25%, spell effects x 50%
8 Cosmic censor's don't like your spell Everything works, but does not affect anything
9 hard work pays off Time x25%
10 immortal sees your research and says "neat, Time 1 24hr max

Spirits/Censors are actually various Immortals(from any sphere) or are greater Spirits from the Spirit Realm (See Ethengar)
Undead Warriors
These are only for Entropic users only.
Create undead warrion; Creates a special Undead; (fight/spells/move as alive, undead immunities, AC2 AV2, but can wear armor to increase this, Morale 12, continues attacking until targets slain or itself turn as vampire. destroy control amulet destroys it..however this is often hidden within. This is known at least by the Nithians and Azcan, mostly unknown to any other culture OW & HW, but a local spot might have been infuenced (Tigre Clan Atruaghin for example).
Activate undead warrior; 25% chance control fails attacks its owner upon activation