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Minrothad Guilds

Location: South of Karameikos, east of Ierendi and west of Thyatis.
Area: 8,120 sq. mi. (18,270 km2)
Population: 208,000 (approximately 50% elves, 43% humans, 5% dwarves, 2% halflings).
Languages: Minrothaddan, Thyatian Common (known mainly for trade and business).
Coinage: Crona (gp), byd (ep), quert (sp), and plen (cp).
Taxes: Officially, guilds owe a 20% annual income tax, while individuals owe 10%. Yet, there are many extenuating circumstances which can reduce or increase the amount owed of which only Minrothaddan tax collectors can keep track of all of them. There is an 8% sales tax for local items, while all imported items (or services) have an 18% sales tax. Foreigners must also immediately pay a 20% income tax for all income earned while in the nation.
Government Type: Plutocracy; every guild master has a seat on the Council, with the most powerful guild master ruling over the council. Now, Oran Meditor is growing in power and trying to assume a presidential role.
Industries: Crafts, trade, and services.
Important Figures: Oran Meditor (Ruling Guild Master, elf, male, F10/M11).
Flora and Fauna: Birds, donkeys, goats and lizards are commonly spotted on the various islands. Monkeys and small, wild pigs are also known to be present deeper inland.

Vegetation is dominated by mahogany and teak, although numerous fruit-bearing trees are also common.
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Description: by Favonius Viator.

Being a merchant myself, I find that makes me perfectly qualified to talk about the money-grubbing Merchant-Princes of the Minrothad Guilds and their nation. They currently enjoy supremacy of the sea-trade, but mark my words, Thyatis is about to claim that title from them.

The Land

Like many of the islands of the Dread Coast, the Minrothad islands are volcanic in origin. The mountain ridges are covered with forests, while the closer to shore are scattered patches of palm trees. The beaches on the eastern shores, are long and shallow, while the western shores tend to be dominated by cliffs and black sand beaches.

The islands of Minrothad have only a few forests remaining, and these are mostly replanted. In their constant pursuit of the domination of the sea, the Minrothaddans nearly cut down every tree in sight to make their precious little boats. Although I admire their enthusiasm, this simply goes to show how short-sighted they are to long-term profits.

Minrothad is situated right where the moist Dragon Winds from the south meet the cold Continental Sweep Winds from the north. This has two main effects on the weather of the area. First, it creates a lot of fog (something the local pirates enjoy), which makes any sea journey treacherous to those who do not know the location of every reef and rock that sticks out of the waters. Second, it creates tornadoes, which can devastate towns or create huge waterspouts to capsize boats, neither of which are useful to anyone.

There are six main islands that compose this mercantile nation. Trader's Isle contains Minrothad City, the capital of this bureaucratic nation. There are two volcanoes on this island which are, unfortunately [we hope he meant to say fortunately. Ed.], inactive.

Alfeisle is home to the wood and sea elves of the nation. It is the one place where forests are still rather abundant, but that's only because of the elven love of trees. Admittedly, these elves are extraordinary sailors. Fortress Island, on the opposite side, is the stronghold of the Minrothad dwarves - dwarves who live on an island and sail the seas. Something about that just screams treachery against the essential nature of dwarves.

The other isles have little importance. North Isle is simply a stopover for ships heading north. Both Blackrock Island and Fire Island are active volcanoes, hence are uninhabited by the Minrothaddans.

The People

What can be said about the Minrothaddans besides the fact that they will do anything to get your money. They call this "the Ethics of Competition," which blatantly means that anything short of murder and treason is acceptable, provided that Minrothad comes out ahead. All the races of the islands believe in this; even the elves and halflings, who are just as bad as the human Minrothaddans [As you might have guessed, these are obviously the opinions of the writer, and not of the editors of the Almanac. Ed.].

Their laws are all aimed at profiting the locals and hurting foreigners, especially their merchants. Just look at the ridiculous sur-tax they have on foreign goods! Worse, unlike any other civilised nation, their punishments are more severe on foreigners who don't know their laws than on the locals. Death is a very common sentence to many crimes, including anything that has to do with money.

Speaking of laws, they have the most complicated system anywhere. Every dispute is handled by the courts instead of with an honourable duel. And the winner is usually the one who can afford the best lawyers. Needless to say, with the extra tax on services for foreigners, it's usually not the foreigner who can afford such legal services.

Recent History

Minrothad hasn't done much recently, besides continue to make money and not care one way or the other about the rest of the world. During the Wrath of the Immortals, although they did supply Thyatis with ships and transportation, they were just as eager to get their hands on Alphatian gold and provided them with the same services.

More recently, Minrothad has made an attempt to gain control of the Aegos Pit to the Hollow World. Of course, we beat them to it, but our governments came to an agreement to clear the Pit together. Now, they blame us for recent sabotage on their project to steal wealth from the Hollow World. I think they should take a long look at the large list of other nations they have offend in their bid for money before accusing the Great Empire of Thyatis. What do we care for their little projects?

Back on the islands themselves, Oran Meditor is making a slow but steady bid for power. Many believe he will try to name himself king of Minrothad. Of course, the other guilds are plotting to overthrow the elf. I hope the whole lot of them fall in a civil war and destroy themselves. It will save us the trouble later on.

Don't Miss

If you're a foreigner, the first ship leaving Minrothad. If you stay any amount of time, you'll probably get into an argument, face their dreaded court system, get arrested, and sooner or later obtain a death warrant on your head. Like I've said, they only care about their money, not about foreigners' welfare. One last warning, only members of the Tutorial Guild are allowed to cast spells; anyone else, including foreigners, will be swiftly punished if they try.