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Location: South of Karameikos, east of Ierendi and west of Thyatis.

Area: 8,120 sq. mi. (21,031 sq. km.).

Population: 208,000 (approximately 50% elves, 43% humans, 5% dwarves, 2% halflings).

Languages: Minrothaddan, Thyatian (known mainly for trade and business).

Coinage: Crona (gp), byd (ep), quert (sp), plen (cp).

Taxes: Officially, guilds owe a 20% annual income tax, while individuals owe 10%. Yet, there are many extenuating circumstances that can reduce or increase the amount owed, which only Minrothaddan tax collectors can keep track of all of them. There is an 8% sales tax for local items, while all imported items (or services) have an 18% sales tax. Foreigners must also immediately pay a 20% income tax for all income earned while in the nation.

Government Type: Plutocracy; every guild master has a seat on the council, with the most powerful guild master ruling over the council. Now, Oran Meditor is growing in power and trying to assume a presidential role.

Industries: Crafts, trade, and services.

Important Figures: Oran Meditor (Ruling Guild Master, elf, male, F10/M11).

Flora and Fauna: Birds, donkeys, goats and lizards are commonly spotted on the various islands. Monkeys and small, wild pigs are also known to be present deeper inland.

Vegetation consists primarily of mahogany and teak, although numerous fruit-bearing trees are also common.

Further Reading: GAZ9 The Minrothad Guilds, previous almanacs.

Description by Joshuan Gallidox.

Trader's Isle is the centre of commerce (and thus influence) in the islands of the Minrothad Guilds. As such, it will be the focus of this year's in-depth commentary of the region.

The Land

Trader's Isle is a large volcanic island, like most of the land masses in the northern Sea of Dread. A large volcanic mountain chain, the Diamond Spurs, bisects the island-according to Minrothad's history, the mountains kept two segments of the island's population from discovering one another for over a year!

The land on either side of the Diamond Spurs is heavily forested-by palm trees along the coastal plains, and by more familiar deciduous trees along the mountain slopes. Much of the land is fertile and grassy, turning into black, sandy beaches along the coastlines. There are many small villages and settlements along the coasts and in the interior (much of the total population of the Minrothad isles lives here), and of course the major centre of Minrothad's political and economical influence, Minrothad City, lies along the northwestern coast.

The People

The majority of Minrothad City's population consists of humans and elves. There weren't many halflings to be found at all! (I'm told they tend to keep to their own settlements on Open Isle. Note to self: visit Open Isle next year.) The city is all hustle and bustle-even Darokin City was never this busy! Merchants are constantly on the move, pushing their goods, making their purchases, and making a crona for themselves. If you're looking for rest and relaxation out among the isles, I'd recommend giving Minrothad City a pass.

Recent History

The Minrothad Guilds have managed to stay fairly low key in the affairs of the outside world, which is just the way they like it. While many of their neighbours fought amongst themselves during the Great War, the guilds stayed neutral in all politics, meanwhile supplying goods and services to all sides equally. Their opportunistic nature kept them on their toes, however, and they were the first group on the scene to claim the island of Aegos once Alphatia sank, in order to gain for themselves the rumoured passage to the Hollow World. Though the Thyatians showed up in force shortly afterwards, the guildsmen managed nevertheless to negotiate themselves a good position in Aegos' affairs.

Recent rumour would have it that Thyatis, now recovering the footing it had lost during the Great War, is turning its imperialistic gaze Minrothad's way. If so, the guildsmen will certainly be forced to rethink their neutral policies towards the outside world.