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Minrothad (Exarchate of)

Location: Island chain in the Sea of Dread, off the coast of Karameikos, west of Hattias, southeastern Brun. OW

Area: 8,120 sq. mi. (21,030 sq. km.).

Population: 207,000 (approximately 50% elves, 43% humans, 5% dwarves, 2% hin), including Minrothad City (pop. 25,900; mixed, primarily human and elven), Harbortown (pop. 12,400; mixed, primarily human and elven), Malfton (pop. 5,200; 80% hin), Seahome (pop. 25,800; 95% sea elven), Verdun (pop. 13,900; 99% elven), Gapton (pop. 5,200; mixed), Stronghold (pop. 10,300; 99% dwarven), Cove Harbour (pop. 7,200; mixed).

Languages: Thyatian (official; used for trade purposes), Minrothaddan, Elvish (Meditor/Verdier dialect).

Coinage: Thyatian Standard: emperor (pp), lucin (gp), justiciar (ep), asterius (sp), denarius (cp) official. Guild coins still common: crona (gp), byd (ep), quert (sp), plen (cp).

Taxes: 20% income tax collected quarterly on the aristocracy, nobility, and wealthy; 15% income tax collected quarterly on everyone else (Va. 1, Ya. 1, Fy. 3, and Ei. 1). Thyatians abroad must still pay their taxes. Expensive and magical items are also taxed 25% of their worth. 10% imperial commercia sales tax on all goods except food, clothing, and fixed assets; levied on imports, rebated on exports. Tax on slave owning equal to 50% of the slave's value annually. Property tax levied based on quality of land, roughly 6% of its value annually. In addition, all imports (goods or services) have an 18% tariff, though all Thyatian dominions are exempted from this, paying only the commercia.

Government Type: Dominion, member of the Thyatian Empire. In Minrothad the traditional council consisting of the various guild masters of Minrothad advises the exarch.

Industries: Agriculture, crafts, fishing, mining (Fortress Island), services, shipbuilding (Minrothad City and Harbortown), trade.

Important Figures: Oran Meditor (Exarch and Guild Master), Nosmo Beldan (Merchant-Prince), Ormun Corser (Priest of Minroth), Saroso Elsan (Merchant-Prince), Ulard Forester (Guild Master), Murl of Vlaardoen (Wizard).

Flora and Fauna: Birds, donkeys, goats and lizards are commonly spotted on the various islands. Monkeys and small, wild pigs are also known to be present deeper inland.

Vegetation consists primarily of mahogany and teak, although numerous fruit-bearing trees are also common.

Further Reading: GAZ9 The Minrothad Guilds, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: Minrothaddans merchantmen were part of the Thyatian expedition that toured Norwold in search of new markets, allies, protectorates, and client-states.