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Milenian History

by Michael Diehm

BC 3100 Blackmoor Empire establishes a colony on the Green Coast, Davania.

BC 3000 Great Rain of Fire. Axial tilt devastates the Blackmoor colony, survivors regress to hunter/gatherer Neathar tribes of the Green Coast, Meghala Kimata Plains and W Jungle Coast. These tribes included the Varellyans and the Cestians.

Oltec refugees colonise the eastern Jungle Coast. Their descendents include: Ixachitl, Katapec, Yasuko, Meghaddara? (if not then the Meghaddara are descended from the Blackmoor colonists; Yasuko could also be shipwrecked Ochaleans)

BC 2900 Oltec tribes are now distinct. The Katapecs are the most advanced and begin constructing crystal pyramids in northern Arypt.

Ka creates the first Rakasta in the Jungle Coast.

BC 2300 Some centaurs leave the Sheyallia Elven migration and settle the Garganin Grasslands.

BC 2000 Pushed by the Varellyans, the Cestians migrate to Arypt.

BC 1850? Tharl becomes the first King of Varellya, his capital is called Tharl. (BC900)

BC 1750 Irrigation of Vulture Peninsula is going well (BC800)

BC 1500 Androk Thran discovers Cestia. The Cestians are forced to flee to southern Cestia as the Varellyans extend into Arypt. They found the town of Androkia.

BC 1400 Varellya has colonised to the Adakkian Sound. King Prial I orders the great port city of Priallus built at the confluence of the Kenaron & Y'hgg Rivers which upsets the Hin.

BC 1300 Hin migrate in the face of Varellyan encroachment in the Kenaron River Hills.

BC 1100 Humanoids cross the strait of Izonda. Nunjar Ogres and Bogdashkan Orcs are among them.

BC 1020 Humanoids migrate to the Adakkian Mountains, the Hills of Desolation and other areas of the region

BC 1004 King Milen of Marilenev learns of vast lands of bounty on the southern continent from Nithian merchants. King Milen starts considering colonising the region.

Immortals followed: Ixion chiefly, Valerias widely, Ptahr (Kagyar) by artisans, Rathanos, Pflarr

BC 1000 Beastmen invasion of the Traldar Lands. Lord High General Androsar of Marilenev leads a contingent to fight the Beastmen alongside his fellow Traldar lead by King Halav.

After sustaining heavy losses, King Milen concludes that the Traldar are doomed and organises the entire city of Marilenev to flee for Davania. Androsar protests strongly, but finds no support.

The flotilla encountered adverse weather on the Sea of Dread and enormous voracious man-eating fish. Only 70% survived, King Milen was not one of them. There are rumours that General Androsar had a hand in Milen's demise.

After many months at sea battling the weather and fish, the flotilla landed at the mouth of the Australis River. There they settled, surviving through hunting and fishing. However, the fish attacks continued and the people were lead by General Androsar up river to the Grasslands of Desolation out of reach of the fish. However, the humanoids of the Hills of Desolation made their stay brief and they were forced further south. Finally they settled in the jungle-cloaked hills overlooking the Meghala Kimata Plains.

Their first settlement was named Milenia for their dead king. A Council was held and elected various nobles to represent the major political factions.

These representatives devised a democratic form of government, consisting of a Senate and Emperor. The people then elected the Senate for a term of 6 years, then the Senate unanimously elected their Lord High General as Emperor Androsar I for life. They named their new state after their former leader, thus the Milenian Empire was born (but really just a small town).

After the conquest of the Northern Reaches, Nithia decided to establish a colony on the Jungle Coast after hearing favourable reports of this land from merchants. The site chosen was near present day Raven Scarp. Antalian slaves were transported there.

BC 990 Androsar was a skilled military leader. The first conquests were of the surrounding hill tribes, Oltecs in the east and Neathar in the west. The Milenians had fewer numbers, but superior equipment and discipline ensured victory. Captives progressively mixed with the Milenians resulting in their olive complexions and culturally distinguished them from their Traldar ancestry. Imperial Crown now worn by Androsar.

Khoronus decides to sponsor the Milenians and quickly becomes their chief patron as followings of the traditional immortals declines.

The Antalian slaves successfully revolt against their Nithian overlords, reverting to a tribal existence on the Jungle Coast. These Antalians eventually form the tribes that become known as the Thyatians, Kerendans, Hattians and Thratians.

BC 900 A few Milenians begin receiving nostalgic dreams and begin worshipping Halav & Petra and some Zirchev. They are told the Traldar survived the Beastmen invasion, and that their ancestors were cowards for fleeing. These followers regret the way their ancestors fled and try to return to Traldar lands, but fear the Sea of Dread. They instead spread the word of the Traldar immortals. As a result worshippers of Pflarr turn to Zirchev, as they begin to believe Pflarr directed the Beastmen attacks on the Traldar.

2nd wave of conquests took place in the Meghala Kimata Plains (N of Polakatsikes)

Rakastan tribes: Caracasta, Simbasta, Pardasta, Fast Runners; Varellyans & other nomadic tribes. The Varellyans split with the majority migrating to the Vulture Peninsula and the remainder lead by warrior-women to Brasol.

BC 800 Milenian operations force the Brasol Amazons to flee to Pelatan

3rd wave of conquest: Milenians push east through the Jungle Coast, conquering the Oltec City of Ixachitl and wiping out the Katapec Oltecs of northern Arypt.

BC 770 Settlement of Minaea founded on the northern Aryptian coast by settlers ignoring the man-eating fish tales.

BC 750 Some Thratians migrate to Varellya where they are assimilated

BC 726 The Caracasta ally with Milenia against their Simbasta/Pardasta/Long Runner rivals. The Milenians teach the Caracasta how to use the short bow.

BC 700 Milenian culture is now distinct from Traldar. Milenian language, iron weapons, cuir-boulli armour.

Eiryndul creates Tabis to populate the Jungle Coast and harass the Milenians

BC 650 Settlement of Kastelios is founded by Milenians not afraid of the sea.

BC 600 4th wave of conquest: Jungle Coast. Thratians, Thyatians, Kerendans, Hattians are driven toward the coast. The Kerendan Warrior-Princess Vanya is captured but manages to buy enough time for the 3 groups to sail the Sea of Dread for new lands. The Thratians are killed, captured or melt into the jungle. The superstitious Milenians remembered tales of man-eating fish and stayed away from the coast.

Settlement of Ilioloosti founded.

BC 525 Taroyas, a Milenian cleric of Khoronus and Tiresias, a Milenian bard achieve immortality. A number of Milenians begin to worship them, especially Taroyas.

BC 512 Settlement of Mivosia founded.

BC 475 General Palson achieves immortality, sponsored by Noumena. He gains a small following.

BC 400 Population of Ilioloosti reaches 90,000.

Settlement of Hrissopoli founded.

BC 350 Some Milenians upset with imperial corruption, migrate to Varellya

Population of Mivosia reaches 55,000.

BC 297 King Ranoth of Varellya closes his kingdom's borders to immigration.

BC 250 Great Temple of Halav built in Kastelios.

BC 200 Emperor Cronosus III was the most corrupt emperor. He sought to establish a dynasty. Rigged senate elections and was able to influence the senate to elect his son Cronosus IV as emperor to succeed him. Borderland regions were severely oppressed. The ruling class had become decadent. Military had become soft. Foreign slaves made up a large portion of the military. Barbarians were attacking outlying settlements.

Diulanna of the Thratians achieves immortality sponsored by Korotiku.

A faction worshipping Atzanteotl gains power via a bloody coup in the City of Ixachitl and declares war on the Milenian Empire. The Milenians crush the city. The few survivors were worshippers of Atzanteotl, but had little to rule. Their descendents became known as the Manacapuru as well as their rebuilt settlement.

Population of Hrissopoli reaches 67,000. Emperor Cronosus III declares the city to be the new capital of the Province of Kytheria, replacing Sybaris.

BC 150 Population of Kastelios reaches 60,000.

BC 120 The Bogdashkan Orcs move into the Jungle Coast, raiding Milenian settlements there.

BC 102 Disgusted at the deterioration of the empire and in the face of barbarian attacks, following the tradition of King Milen, the entire populace of the City of Minaea (located on the northern Aryptian Coast) sets sail for new lands.

BC 100 Generals were incompetent. Hordes of barbarians besieged settlements. The Milenians belatedly prayed to Halav & Petra but received no help. Halav & Petra decided that noble Milenian culture was doomed and so they transported several thousand Milenians of high integrity to the Hollow World, the foremost amongst them was Titanion. The loss of the best people, hastened the end of the empire to the besieging barbarians.

Milenians founds Polakatsikes, then invades Varellya which is ruled by Queen Astarra.

BC 94 Milenians ceases the Varellyan invasion with nothing gained.

BC 80 Bachraeus achieves immortality and becomes patron of the medusae. Secret Cult of Bachraeus is formed throughout the Milenian Empire which allies with the medusae.

BC 67 Ilioloosti is sacked by Adakkian Mountains humanoids and its population reduced to 7,000.

BC 52 The last Milenian Emperor is killed by his own generals.

BC 50 Milenia is sacked and razed by the Bogdashkan Orcs, the Empire has been destroyed. The Golden Mirror of Ka is lost.

The High Priest of the Cult of Bachraeus is killed by barbarians just before he is about to don the Mask of Bachraeus. The mask disappears and the cult members are slaughtered.

Hrissopoli and Sybaris are overrun by humanoids from the Adakkian Mountains.

Tabis discover the crystal pyramids of the Katapecs.

Orc-King Ilneval of the Bogdashkan leads his troops to impressive victories over the Milenians, the pinnacle of which was the sacking of the capital Milenia. Diulanna sponsors him to immortality (Thought) where he begins to be called Karaash and is revered by many orcs.

Desperate Milenians abandon their traditional immortals en masse, and embrace the Traldar immortals, Halav, Petra and Zirchev.

BC 41 General Solarus defeats the barbarian invaders and is crowned King of the City-State of Mivosia.

BC 38 Cyclonia finally hears of the Milenian Empire's collapse.

Civil War in Kastelios reduces population to 10,000.