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Milenian Emperors

by Marco Fossati

BC 50-33 Titanion I the Great

BC 33-12 Cleon I

BC 12-AC18 Theseion the Wise, grandson of Titanion I

18-41 Cleon II

41-42 Phedreios

42-63 Quintos

63-80 Philippos the Pious, cleric of Ixion

80-130 Titanion II the Young, elected when he was only 20

130-151 Cleon III

151-193 Paelemom I, grandson of Titanion II

193-194 Gaios, the Frail, was elected when he was already ill

194-230 Alexander I

230-251 Demotus

251-255 Alexander II the Martyr, died fighting against Nithian

255-278 Titanion III

278-300 Alexander III, grandson of Alexander I, cleric of Halav

300-326 Alemander the Pacifist, reduced a lot the army's size

326-360 Titanion IV, cleric of Protius, started the building of large navy

360-363 Paelemon II the Traitor, was discovered to be a followers of Thanatos and was deposed an later executed

363-398 Cleon IV, the Almost Just, the discoverer of Paelemons evil plots

398-411 Mopsos

411-435 Eupremios I the Great, winner at the naval Battle of Corisa

435-470 Eupremios II, son of Eupremios I and second in hand at the Battle of Corisa

470-472 Cocceion, the Old, oldest Emperor ever elected at the age of 88

472-473 Tyrrenios the Drowned, the imperial ship shipwrecked and he died

473-509 Titanion V

509-530 Alexander IV

530-535 Kostantinos I the Defender, died at the battle of Pharos, winning over Merry Pirates

535-553 Kostantinos II, nephew of Kostantinos I

553-587 Asceltos, nephew of Kostantinos II

587-598 Favonios

598-612 Titanion VI the Executed, killed in the Palai rebellion

612-619 no emperors elected, civil war

619-652 Kostantinos III the Peacebringer, ended the civil war, direct descendant of Kostantinos I

652-658 Helenius

658-677 Paelemon III

677-699 Zanteion

699-702 Titanion VII

702-715 Claudius

715-726 Kostantinos IV, direct descendant of Kostantinos III

726-745 Agapitus

745-749 Kiriakos

749-758 Vasilios

758-786 Stelios the Golden One, was massive wealthy

786-813 Kostantinos V, direct descendant of Kostantinos IV

813-816 Titanion VIII

816-818 Gabinius

818-822 Aulus

822-849 Kostantinos VI the last, only son and heir of Kostantinos V, with his death his line finished

849-872 Julianus

872-878 Basilios

878-883 Demetrios

883-909 Titanion IX the Victim, named so many years after when historians discovered he was killed by Olynthos' minions

909-910 Olynthos

910-925 Thedoros

925-933 Alexander V

933-936 Kimeneos

936-952 Tirythos

952-968 Alceos

968-985 Aiaces the Strong, tall more than 7 feet

985-1009 Adronius

1009-1010 Caracomnos

1010-? Adronius