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Milenia (Empire of)

Location: Southwestern coast of the continent of Iciria, east of the Southern Atlass Ocean, north of Lake Agrisa, south of the River Silvius, west of the Jennite lands. HW

Area: 400,450 sq. mi. (1,037,165 sq. km.).

Population: 3,075,000 including Corisa (pop. 256,000), Demtor (pop. 77,000), Dophius (pop. 51,000), Emperor's Walk (pop. 31,000), Laroun (pop. 103,000), Tyrnus (pop. 154,000) and numerous towns and villages.

Languages: Milenian (distantly related to Traldar).

Coinage: Platinum emperor (50 gp), gold emperor (10 gp), silver emperor (1 gp), copper emperor (1 sp), platinum medallion (5 gp), gold medallion (gp), silver medallion (sp), copper medallion (cp).

Taxes: 20% income tax, 10% tariff on all goods except food and clothing.

Government Type: Imperial republic; elected senators select emperors for life but no hereditary rule.

Industries: Agriculture, crafts, mining, herding (cattle, sheep, goats), horse-breeding, textiles (wool and linen), fishing, shipbuilding.

Important Figures: Adronius (Emperor), Amnethon of Corisa (High Magus), Dagos of Xarda (Lord High Priest), Helentia (Lady High Priest), Myrina (Empress), Pythion of Dophius ("King" of Milenia), Krameos of Tyrnus (Senator), Strabos (Slave and Leader of the Kleonites), Tythus (Lord High General).

Flora and Fauna: Aerial servants, Amorian hounds, Agrisian jellyfish, shaggy aurochs, Zargosian bats, Zargosian changelings, goats, ponies, sheep, basilisks, brown bears, giant beetles, boars, centaurs, chimeras, cockatrices, dragons, dryads, ghouls, cloud giants, storm giants, mountain giants, cyclopskin, griffons, hags, harpies, hell hounds, hippogriffs, hobgoblins, hydras, lions, manticores, medusae, minotaurs, ogres, owlbears, pegasi, skeletons, snakes, sphinxes, giant spiders, stirges, treants, trolls, unicorns, wolves, wyverns, and zombies.

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, HWR3 The Milenian Empire, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: The Milenian Empire was the site of protests following the various events that rocked it recently, including the Zargosian resurgence, the disappearance of the Red Sun, or the scandal with the Midwives. The Merry Pirates used this instability to prey upon the empire's rich cities. Thanks to the intervention of an oracle, the Milenians gained clues to the existence of Lothar from captured Heldannic Knights, before the prisoners escaped.