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Minaea map

by Francesco Defferrari

Hi to everyone,
been away from D&D for a while, but now I'm playing again and I need a map of Minaea for my campaign, with cities and borders.. I didn't find one on the Vault and other maps sites so I made one drawing on that region of Kal's map of Skothar.. I read almost everything that has been written on Minaea in past almanacs to create the map, but if the people who wrote the material originally are still around (Giulio Caroletti, I think, and maybe others) could tell if I guessed right the position of cities, that could help.

The map is here.

Still a draft, I put on it major cities, borders, minor towns (not named yet), people and creatures living in the region: Tangor tribes, Tanagogres, rakastas, goblins, orcs, hobgoblins, gnolls, froglins in the swamp (from Blackmoor campaign setting, I think there aren't lizardmen on Skothar) and probably I will add also regions with cyclops, harpies, medusas, centaurs, nymphs and satyrs, according to a ancient-Greece themed region... Other creatures that could live in Skothar comes to mind?

Minaea is very big on the map, but I think was meant to be, being one of the major Mystaran nation mentioned in the Master set map... anyway I think the Minaeans controls only the regions surrounding the major cities (still on average lands bigger than Karameikos) while most of the territoy claimed by the kingdom should be in control of the various not-humans groups or other human tribes like the Tangor in the east...

If anyone would like to look at the map and has suggestions, please speak!