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Minaea (Confederated Kingdom of)

Location: West of the Jennite Lands, southeast of the Esterhold Peninsula. SK

Area: Roughly 750,000 sq. mi. (1,942,500 sq. km.).

Population: An estimated 496,800 humans living here consider themselves Minaeans. 428,500 of them live in the sixteen city-states and kingdoms that are members of the confederacy; nearly 72,100 more live in the so-called national territories. In addition, there are an unknown number of tribal humans of Tangor stock (primarily in the southeastern forests of the Minaean Coast). The humanoid population levels are likewise unknown.

Languages: Minaean, Alphatian, Jennite, Tangor.

Coinage: Kalit (gp), kalos (sp), kalen (cp); foreign coins accepted in cities and large towns.

Taxes: 10% income tax collected on Nu. 1 by the confederate government. Individual city-states also collect an income tax that generally ranges between 5 and 10%, collected on Fy. 1.

Government Type: The Minaean government combines a national monarchy with autonomous local governments. The Minaean king has the power to decree and enforce laws affecting national territories (primarily the unclaimed areas between Minaean communities, and along the roads that connect them), collect taxes from member communities, raise an army composed of member communities' militias, and pass judgment on any legal matters brought before him. Each Minaean community passes and enforces its own laws within its borders. Most of them are small democracies, with a governing body consisting of citizens (often adult male land owners). In the larger communities, voting citizens elect representatives and officials to govern for them. Although Minaea claims a large expanse of land, it effectively controls only the areas that are directly occupied by its sixteen ruling cities.

Industries: Agriculture, crafts (especially jewellery, pottery, weaving), piracy.

Important Figures: Korudon (King).

Flora and Fauna: Minaea is assumed to be home to many plants and animals common to temperate and subtropical forests. Gnolls, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, orcs, minotaurs, hill giants and firbolgs are known to live in the forests, hills and mountains of the area. Some explorers have observed giant crabs on Minaean beaches. The coastal waters are known to harbour giant lamprey, giant octopi, sahuagin, sea lions, sharks, giant sea snakes, giant squid, tritons, whales, and, of course, pirates.

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Last Year's Events: Nausicaa, King Korudon's daughter, and her new husband Alexandros Verix of Traun, died in a tragic shipwreck. In other parts of Minaea, treachery at the yearly games strained the relations between Adunapolis and Serenia, while the border north of Sinbay suffered an incursion of Savage Ones.