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Mindark The Evil

by Håvard

“But beware of the evil Mindark, whose hordes destroyed your homelands long ago.”

Class: Magic User
Alignment: Chaotic

Level 36
MV 120’(40’)
#AT 1 Staff or Spell
Dmg 1d8+7+5 or by spell
Save MU36
AC -3
HP 87

St 12, Dx 17, Co 18, In 17, Wi 15, Ch 15

Equipment: Cloak of Protection +5, Ring of Protection +5, Staff of Wizardry, Quarterstaff +5, Dagger +3

Weapon Masteries: Staff (Grand Master), Dagger (Grand Master)

Skills: Alchemy, Planar Geography, Disguise, Danger Sense, Alertness, Riding, Stealth, Deception, Leadership, Bargaining, Persuasion, Military Tactics, Detect Deception, Law and Order

History: Mindark is an Alphatian Wizard. When the Council of Wizards launched their attack on Glantri in AC1010, Mindark was first in line. Most of the Wizards returned to Alphatia before its destruction, but Mindark stayed behind and kept causing havoc around the Known World. He has recently moved to Norwold where he has begun on his most ambitious project so far.

Personality: Mindark is bent on creating an empire of monsters. This is part of his quest for Immortality in the Sphere of Entropy with Orcus as his sponsor. He is cruel, vicious and a harbinger of destruction.

Additional Information: Mindark first appeared in the SSI/Stormfront Video Game D&D Stronghold 1993 and where he can only be encountered at the higher difficulties. As it carried the Classic D&D logo, it seemed natural to fit information from the game with Mystara.