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The Minotaur

by Antonio Eleuteri

Here is a class I designed a while back, and used in a few Classic D&D Dragonlance games. Minotaurs on Krynn are one of the major races, and they are definitely less monstrous than the monster with the same name (which however can be used to describe a cursed, degenerate sub-race, the Thoradorian minotaurs).

Minotaurs are a warrior race, bent on domination of the "lesser" races. They are descended from the Ogre race, and were created by the magic of the Greygem. It is their belief that it is their destiny to conquer all of Krynn.
They are very tall and muscular (6'1/2 to 7'1/2, 300 to 450 lbs), and their body is covered with a thick fur. Large horns protrude from the side of their heads. They have excellent senses and very rarely get lost, which makes them superb mariners and explorers. Their alignment is usually Lawful; honor and respect of the word given are of paramount importance, though they tend to be quite strict and draconian in the application of law. To Minotaurs, might makes right, and this is a fundamental aspect of their culture.

Experience table
Minotaurs use the Dwarf experience table, but they attack and save like Fighters of the same level. They can advance up to 12th level. Minotaurs use the same titles as Fighters (e.g. Minotaur Veteran, Minotaur Warrior etc.)

Other Details
Prime Requisite: A minotaur's PR is Strength. If a minotaur has a strength score of 13 or more he gains a bonus to experience points.

Minimum Scores: A minotaur character must have a score of 9 or greater in both Strength and Constitution.

Hit Dice: 1d8 per level, 9d8 maximum, +3 hit points per level thereafter.

Armor: Minotaurs may use any armor and shield

Weapons: Minotaurs may use any weapon

Special Abilities

Enhanced senses: Minotaurs have excellent senses.
- They have a -1 bonus on the chance of being surprised.
- They can hear noise on 1-2 on d6.
- They have a -1 bonus on the chance of getting lost (Expert set p.41).

- Their thick fur and skin provide AC 8 (NOTE: if using the Wrestling rules, Minotaurs are not penalised for the lower AC, so they receive a +1 to their Wrestling Rating).
- They can gore an enemy with their horns for 1d4 points of damage (no Strength bonus); when using this attack they cannot use weapons.
- They can use the Charge special attack of monsters when attacking with their horns (Expert set p.45)
- Lance attack and Set spear vs. charge.
- Fighter combat options at 12th level (like Dwarves)

Languages: Minotaurs speak Common, the alignment tongue, Minotaur and Ogre.