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Wynter's Minor Ward

by Jim Bobb

Welcome and good eve to ye all. I find I have some spare moments and wish to share another of my magics to all of ye. This time I shall impart the least of the protection spells I know, Wynter's Minor Ward.

Wynter's Minor Ward
Level: 2
Range: Touch
Duration: Special
Effect: Sets a harmful magical ward on one object.
This spell cloaks an object of less than 10 cubic feet with an aura of harmful energy. Thereafter, the first living creature touching the object sets off the ward, receiving 1d3 points of magical energy damage per level of the ward's caster. No saving throw is allowed to avoid the damage. The object is unaffected by the discharge of the minor ward.
Non-living creatures, such as undead or golems, will not set off a minor ward, but extra-planar creatures will. The caster is free to handle the object at will. The maximum duration of the spell is 1 hour per level of the caster.

Well, there ye have it, a minor magic to protect one's possessions or use as a trap for a nosy rogue in your group. If there is an area of lore any of ye would like me to touch on, please feel free to contact me and ask. I've had a few adventures in my day and would hate to waste anyone's time with unwanted drivel.