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by Carl Quaif

Mirror of Self-Image:

This device is a full-length mirror of exquisite make, with an ornate frame made of gold and silver, inset with two dozen rubies along its sides, and surmounted by a huge Fire Opal. It functions as a normal mirror in all respects until the owner speaks a command word ("visage") whilst touching the Fire Opal set at the frame's apex. For the next turn, the owner may alter his image in the mirror in any way he chooses - clothing, accoutrements, height, weight, coloration, age, even race and sex. An elderly, hunchbacked mage might appear as a handsome paladin, a beautiful female elf, or as himself forty years before. The altered image will move and react exactly as if it were the true semblance of the person reflected. This power can be used once per day.

The mirror has an additional power, useable at any time during the functioning of the first. The owner may speak a second command word ("Reverse") and cause his reflected and true appearances to exchange places. This is a transformation, rather than an illusion; All the physical abilities, and any clothing or jewellery worn by the altered image, appear on the owner. Magic items may not be created this way. The user retains his own skills, however; the above mentioned mage will gain the handsome paladin's strength, but not his class abilities nor his combat skills. The transfigured person radiates magic for the length of the transformation. The effect lasts for 24 hours, or until the owner repeats the command word in front of the mirror a second time. Each use of this power consumes one of the rubies on the frame, turning it black; once they are all used, the second power is rendered unusable unless new rubies, of at least 1000gp value, are correctly enchanted and replaced in the frame. If the Fire Opal is removed, or the mirror's glass is damaged, the magic is lost.

Mirror of Images:

This is a full-length mirror, as above, but with a dull, uneven surface and a plain wooden frame. It is often hung on the wall of a public area, such as a Great Hall, in order that its powers may be fully utilised. When a command word ("archive") is spoken, the user may observe, in order, the images of everyone who has looked at, or otherwise been reflected in, the mirror during the previous 24 hours, and may select one to be questioned. The image will answer up to nine questions as truthfully and fully as possible, using the knowledge of their original; however, the image has only a 5% chance per level of the questioner, up to a maximum of 65%, of actually knowing the answer - a reply of "don't know" counts towards the maximum number of questions allowed*. Moreover, the image speaks in the language and idiom of its original, so non-human or foreign images may be impossible to interrogate. The mirror's active magic may be used twice per day; only one image may be questioned per use.

(*there is one exception to this rule; if the user questions his own image, the chance for truthful, accurate answers is raised to a flat 100%. This function is particularly helpful for a forgetful user, or one trying to remember events from long ago, as the image has total recall.)


These devices appear to be crystal lenses mounted on spectacle frames; the lenses are mirrored on the outside, yet magically allow the wearer to see perfectly from the inside. The Mirrorshades grant the wearer complete protection from the gaze attacks of medusae, basilisks, vampires and other creatures; in addition, the attack is reflected back at the caster, who (unless naturally immune, or otherwise protected) must make a Save vs. Spells or be struck down by their own power. Mirrorshades also enable the wearer to see through some illusions; if the wearer chooses to attempt to disbelieve an illusion, the 'shades add +2 to the success roll.

Mirrorshades are rather fragile; if dropped or struck, they save as glass items vs. crushing damage. If both lenses are broken, all useful effects are permanently lost.

Prism of Missiles:

This is a small, hand-held prism of purest, and hardest, crystal; it refracts a rainbow of colours whenever light strikes it. Apart from its beauty, the device has a particularly useful magical function; if a Magic Missile (of any type) is cast through the Prism, it splits into two identical Missiles which may be shot at different targets (but not at the same target). Because of the light-bending effect of the Prism, the Missiles lose their ability to always hit; the targets are entitled to a saving throw vs. Spells to avoid damage. The Prism has no charges, and may be used as often as desired.