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Mis (The last Haven of)

by Francesco Defferrari

Location: North western Davania, east of Arica and West of the Izondian Wall.
Area: 50.000 sq miles
Population: unknown, maybe from 50.000 to 100.000 inhabitants, very variable.
Language: Minoides, not written.
Calendar: no numerical calendar. See below.
Government: tribal chiefs and priestesses, sometimes with an unifying war leader
Industries: hunting, fishing, mining, horticulture, weaponcraft.

History: Sit, young, and hear the story of the priestess. From her mouth, you hear your story and your fate ! "In the far far times, minotaurs lived in richness and prosperity. They were immortals like the powers and they lived in caves of gold where no bounty was missing. They had wings to fly, and lived in perfect happiness. Their Great Chief was a warrior named Minoides, wise and strong. But one day, the storm came from the north. Lightings and rains killed many minotaurs, and the cruel wind broke their wings. When the storm ended, a white and little sun appeared, shining weakly on our sorrow. Minoides went to the sun, and spoke to him. What have we done sun father, - he said - to deserve such a punishment ?. The little sun did not answer to Minoides question. Many times the priestesses tried to speak with the sun father, but never he answered their questions. And the beautiful wings of the minotaurs faltered and fall, and the whelps began to die. Betrayed by the sun father, broken by their sorrow, Minoides and his people sat on the mud, awaiting death. Then a female arrived, dressed in black, with her face painted white. I'm here to save the most noble and strong people of all - she said - who the immortals betrayed to make way to their weak progeny. Deny the immortals - she cried - and fight their corrupted progeny who killed your whelp. And so Minoides saw she was the only truth, the dark mother Ela. In her name Minoides and the priestesses declared the First Cycle of Rage (2050bc), and the minotaurs fought with all the weak progeny of the evil immortals. Many and many nights minotaurs fought and win, destroying the corruption of the immortal progeny, and many Great Chiefs ruled after Minoides. Many nights the minotaurs ruled forests and hills and rivers. But one day the vengeful immortals leaded the black men from the west to our lands, to destroy the minotaurs, to exterminate the minotaurs. The black men killed warriors and priestesses, whelps and young ones. So began the Second Cycle of Sorrow (1750bc), and the minotaurs were driven in the evil desert, under the eye of the cruel sun father, in the lands of the cruel lizard men. In the cycle of sorrow lizard men killed whelps and young ones, enslaved the minotaurs, and hunted the minotaurs wherever they find them. But one night a great priestess came, calling the minotaurs to fight in the name of Ela. Areias was her name, and she began the Second Cycle of Rage (1300bc). The minotaurs rose against the lizard kin, servants of the cruel sun father, killing and enslaving them. And many nights they ruled in the desert, under the envious eye of the cruel sun father. But one day the sun father sent from the west other servants , the big grey men, seeking revenge against the strong minotaurs. The grey men were as numerous as the sand, and they killed young ones and whelps, warriors and priestesses, until the minotaurs were exterminated, and the survivors were driven north, to the land of the eternal grass. So began the Third Cycle of Sorrow (900bc). In the land of the eternal grass lived the horse men. They were too servants of the cruel immortals, but they were not cruel as the immortals. They fought the minotaurs with honour, they did not killed young ones and whelps. So the minotaurs made peace with them, because the horse people were honoured warriors. But the minotaurs were few, and from the south the grey men raided and took prisoners, and from the north others grey men came, to kill whelps and young ones, to enslave and to exterminate the minotaurs. Long was the third cycle of sorrow. But one night a warrior came, Kres was his name, and proclaimed the Third Cycle of Rage (400bc). The minotaurs fought with honour and courage, and killed many grey men in the south, and many black men in the east, and many of the white man and the little grey man in the north. And so the minotaurs rebuilt their rule, and the progeny of the immortals once again feared them. But one day many and many grey man came from the south, to kill minotaurs and horse men, to take all the land of the minotaurs. They killed young ones and whelps, fighting without honour with their dark power, and so began the Fourth Cycle of Sorrow (100bc). The grey men hunted the minotaurs everywhere in the land, spreading the blood of the whelp on the land of the eternal grass. And so the minotaurs went north, but north they found no haven, only others grey men who killed whelps and young ones. So the minotaurs had to hide in dark forests and bare hills, with no food to give to their whelp. Hard, hard and sad was the fourth cycle of sorrow. But one day a priestess came, Hagias her name, and she proclaimed the Fourth Cycle of Rage (250ac). The minotaurs leaved the dark forests and the bare hills, and descended upon villages and cities of the grey men, and upon villages and cities of the black men. And they killed and won, and no progeny of the immortals dare to defy the minotaurs, for many nights, because the minotaurs were ruler of hills and forests. But one day many grey men came, many from the north, many from the south, and many of the little grey men from the east. And so began the Fifth Cycle of Sorrow (500ac). All the progeny of the immortals attacked the minotaurs, trying to exterminate them. There were no place to hide, no land to live. Every day the minotaurs were fewer, every day many minotaurs died. But Ela send them an omen, and the minotaurs went to the lands of the horse people. And the horse people, who were warriors of honour, hid them in their land. Many nights the minotaurs lived in the lands of the horse people, but at last there was not enough food for the whelp of the horse people, and the whelp of the minotaurs. Stay with us - the horse people said to the minotaurs - and we will divide the food. But the minotaurs went away, because they did not want the horse people suffer for them. And so the minotaurs began to wander in the land of the eternal grass, always fighting their enemies, always with little food for their whelps. Many nights are, that last this cycle of sorrow. But we, the priestesses, have received an omen from Ela. Prepare yourselves, minotaurs, because this cycle is near to the end, and one night a warrior will come, and he will lead us to the Fifth Cycle of Rage.