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The ESD project

B2 - map and tables from the centre missing, 4 pages of insets

B3 - missing maps

GAZ3 - third panel from left of poster map is missing

GAZ7 - no maps

GAZ12 - no maps

HWR1 - no maps

HWR2 - missing the whole Delta Kingdom map, and the Southern Kingdom map has a large hole in the left hand side

X10 - missing sheet of counters, although others confirm that they're there

DDA4 - no DM's map, poster map incomplete (missing right hand corner of Level 2), no stand-up figures

Eldritch Wizardry - no page 4, no page 53 (may also occur in the original)

AC3 - missing 3D figure sheet 2

The Western Countries Trail Map - missing parts

PC3 - no maps

DA1 - no page 31

DA2 - no page 34