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Missa's spells

by Rob

Here's some new spells, invented by the mistress of the mind, Missa... (and recurring evil NPC villain!) (and I apologise for the AD&D format...)

Missa's Seductive Slumberkiss (Alteration)

Level 2
Range : touch
Components : V, S
Duration : Until used
Cast Time : 1 turn
Area : One venomous creatures poison sacs
Save : Special

This spell is designed to enhance a poisonous creatures natural venom. Although useable on any venomous creature, the spell was specifically designed with aranea in mind.

The poison sacs so affected are enchanted so that they may deliver a variety of poisons for the next three doses. The spell can produce

a) Dreambliss poison. A powerful narcotic that can sedate even the largest of opponents. Victims so injected must save vs poison or fall into a deep, euphoric "Sleep of Bliss" lasting 2d4 hours. The onset time depends on the victims size (S=1 round, M=2 rounds, >M d4+1 rounds). Upon awaking from the poison induced slumber, most victims remember happy, dreamlike images that they hope to one day experience again. This addictive poison permanently robs a victim of one Wisdom point per month of use. After two doses of poison the victim must make a Wisdom adjusted save vs poison or become a dreambliss addict. Addicts will do anything to obtain doses of dreambliss, and will not manage to shake the addiction themselves. A cure insanity spell or suchlike will remove addiction.

b) Mindshadow. When introduced into a humans bloodstream mindshadow causes extreme disorientation and both visual and auditory hallucinations in the victim, who must make a save vs poison to avoid the effects (onset time 1d3 rounds). Victims failing a save become confused for 5d4 rounds. During that time the victim becomes extremely susceptible to suggestion (as the spell, save at -6 to refuse a specific request) by anyone conversing with or questioning the victim. Since the poison leaves the victim almost totally at the mercy of frightening illusions and suggestions, this prison is not addictive. Mindshadow only works effectively on humans. Other races gain a +1 to +4 bonus on their saving throw, onset time 2d6 rounds. Failed saves incur a slow effect for 2d6 turns instead of suggestion and confusion. Dwarves are totally immune to mindshadow.

c) Type D injected venom (onset time 1-2 rounds, 30 damage on a failed save, 2d6 otherwise. Poison enhanced by a Missa's seductive slumberkiss becomes inactive if exposed to air for a duration of one turn or more.

Missa's Charm of Deceiving Innocence (Enchantment/Metamagic)

Level 3
Range : 0
Components : V
Duration : 1 round
Cast Time : 3
Area : The caster
Save : Special

This metamagic spell can be used to enhance any one charm spell. The follow up spell must be cast on the round subsequent to casting Missa's charm of obliviousness, or the spell is wasted.

The spells effect is to enhance the enchantment's effect by deluding the victim upon that spell's expiry into believing that nothing amiss ever took place. Thus, a charmed victim will no longer be subject to the charm effects, but will not ever think that he was ensorcelled. If the caster does not antagonise a creature so affected a non-magical friendship may develop as a follow-on to the magic.

The spell functions only on charms, not direct attacks, such as hold person or ray of enfeeblement. A few examples of spells that this metamagic will enhance follows.

This insidious spell actually non-magically alters the victims mind, making it impossible for the creature to accept that it was charmed. Thus detect magic, detect charm and so on will come up blank. Any spell that heals insanity or other mental illness will reverse the effect, however.

Charm person, friends, hypnotism, scare, suggestion, charm monster, emotion, fire charm, domination, Leomund's lamentable belabourment, mass suggestion, charm plants, antipathy-sympathy, mass charm.

If the charm was not particularly subtle (using domination to attempt to force a victim to do an act totally against it's alignment etc.) a save may be granted, with a bonus of up to +6.

Missa's Robes of Immunity (Enchantment/Abjuration)

Level 4
Range : 0
Components : V, S, M
Duration : l hour per level or Special
Cast Time : 2 rounds
Area : The casters clothing
Save : None

This spell creates a field of enchantment around the casters body, which serves to magically toughen any articles of clothing upon the wizards person.

The field exists in a dormant state until the wizard is either struck by a piercing or slashing attack, or until it is activated manually by an act of concentration. The spell then has a duration of one round per five caster levels, round up. During this time the wizard is completely unaffected by physical attacks, as a stoneskin spell. Note that if the spell is activated by the wizard taking damage, the spell kicks in after that damage has been sustained. Also note that the activation round counts as a round for the purposes of the spells duration. Thus 12th level caster activating the spell is immune to the stated attacks for that round, and two following rounds.

The material component is a small sheet of steel wrapped in fabric of the same colour as the wizards clothing.

Missa's Charm of Magical Obliviousness (Enchantment/Metamagic) (Note: this spell assumes that the DM rules that a victim passing a saving throw against a magical attack feels some effect, which warns the victim that he has been assaulted)

Level 4
Range : 0
Components : V
Duration : 1 round/ level
Cast Time : 4
Area : The caster
Save : Special

This devious spell causes the victims of spells cast with no visible effect in the duration of Missa's charm of magical obliviousness to experience no untoward effects from said magic - even if the save is successful. Spells which have an obvious effect will (obviously) not be effective with this spell (the spell will only enhance magic which has no visible effect - charms and suchlike). However, there may be grey areas, so a creature targeted by a polymorph other spell enhanced by this metamagic who fails his save will certainly realise that he has been polymorphed - but if he successfully saves he will experience nothing, so the enchanter may not be noticed.

Note that the spell does not negate the need for verbal, physical and material components for spells cast in the duration of the charm, so a wizard in clear view will most likely be detected anyway.

Missa's Spellgifting (Enchantment/Metamagic)

Level 5
Range : 10 yards
Components : V, S, M
Duration : l round/level
Cast Time : 5
Area : Special
Save : None

Bestow Enchantment allows the enchanter to cast caster only spells upon others. Thus, he could grant a fire shield spell to a comrade, or give him the benefits of a blink spell.

Caster only spells are granted a range of 10 yards, and must be cast within the bestow enchantments area of effect for the magic to be effective.

(note this spell is a plagiarised from an old Dragon magazine spell. Apologies if the person that wrote it is on this list!)

Missa's Siren Song of Summons (Enchantment)

Level 6
Range : 1 mile
Components : V, S, M
Duration : Special
Cast Time : 1 turn
Area : Special
Save : Negates

This spell is only effective if the wizard possesses the Singing proficiency. The enchantress must sing a haunting song for one full turn for the spell to be effective. The spells magic can target all sleeping creatures within one mile of the caster. Sleepers of up to 2 HD get no save against the spell. Creatures of >2 HD but less than 5HD are entitled to a save at -2. The save of those of higher HD is unaffected. Those of a level higher than the caster are unaffected.

Sleepers affected by the spells magic will sleepwalk to the source of the song. Sleepwalkers move at a slow walking speed, and will take the most expedient route to the source of the song. A sleepwalker is capable of opening windows, unlocking doors etc. in his attempt to reach the source. If possible a sleepwalker will attempt to avoid those who are awake (eg a sleepwalker in his bedroom would exit through a window if the room beyond the bedroom contained conscious people).

To sleepers the casters singing is easily heard. To those who are awake the singing is not magically enhanced - thus if the caster is a long way away(up to the range of 1 mile) the sound may be inaudible.

Sleepwalkers walk to the casters location and stand passively until they awaken normally.

They may be awoken by a physical attack, but not by other stimuli (sounds, bright lights etc. have no effect). While asleep the caster may implant each with a suggestion (as the spell) of up to twenty words length.

If required the caster may choose a specific type of target for the spell - children, wizards, humans and women are all appropriate selections. More esoteric selections - cryptomancers, members of the Unseen Hand, those with intelligence greater than 15 - are unacceptable.

The spell requires the tongue of a siren.