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Adapting the Misty Isles Setting to Mystara

by Håvard

Wee Warriors were a small company that published 3rd party D&D modules in the 1970s. These are the modules they published:

Both PotC and Dwaven Glory revolve around the the Dwarvish Isle of Baylor, the largest of the Misty Isles. Interestingly Wee Warriors also published a series of Board Games, including a fantasy board game called the Vanquished Foe which also is set in the Kingdom of Baylor, dealing with the war between the Orcs and the dwarves (or elves). V3 Misty Isles provides a map and description of Baylor and also details the rest of the islands in this small island chain.

Kingdom of Baylor

Location: Island of Baylor (Misty Isles)
Capital: City of Ar Toe
Ruler: King Arman, Ruler of Baylor, Defeater of the Ten Orc Tribes.

The Isle of Baylor is home to a Kingdom with the same name. The Kingdom mostly consists of a farming community, although it used to recieve wealth from the mines known as The Dwarven Glory. The Island is also home to the an Orc Kingdom known as the Ten Orc Tribes, ruled by King Mor Toc. 300 years ago, a Vampire arrived by way of a ship wreck. This Vampire Queen has established a lair in the mountains. For the last centuries, the queen has terrorized the population and even kidnapped King Arman's daughter.
Notable Locations:
City of Ar Toe: The capital of Baylor
Palace of the Vampire Queen
City of Mor: Former Orc Stronghold
Lower Valleys: This region is home to a community of spear wielding elves (see Vanquished Foe Board Game).


The Misty Isles

The Misty Isles are:
Isle of Baylor
Dwarven Isle of Outcasts
Isle of the Warring Wizards
Isle of the Non-Humans
Isle of Beauty and Death
Isle of She Who Holds the Stone
Isle of the Despoilers
Isle of the Priest
The Island of Mor Toc


Adaptation to Other Settings

The Misty Isles is a mini-setting that can be dropped into any other world. V3 provides maps of each island, but there is no map showing where each island is located related to the others so they can be moved around to fit your campaign.

Mystara was created to be the home of all things non-Advanced D&D from the TSR era, including things published before the setting was introduced in X1 in 1981. We talked a bit about adapting the Misty Isles to Mystara back on the old WotC forums, but I am unable to find any of those files now. I believe someone suggested these islands might be located near Alphatia and that the Dwarves of the islands were settlers from Denwarf Hurgon. This could explain these dwarves being more willing to be farmers than dwarves from Rockhome. The Vampire Queen might also be an Alphatian, although it would be interesting to make her a Traladaran or even a Taymoran Vampire.