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Mivosia (City-State of)

Location: Continent of Davania, central Meghala Kimata Plains. DV

Area: Approx. 1,400 sq. mi. (3,625 sq. km.). An additional 68,862 sq. mi. (178,352 sq. km.) has been annexed by Mivosia since late AC 1017; how much of that land is actually controlled by the city-state is uncertain.

Population: 40,700 (21,500 in Mivosia, 19,200 living in scattered villages and towns). An additional 42,000 people are said to live in the towns and villages under Mivosian occupation.

Languages: Milenian (Mivosian dialect).

Coinage: Crown (gp), half-crown (ep), tenth (sp), hundredth (cp).

Taxation: All citizens are taxed at 25% of their assessed worth once per year (Eirmont 15).

Government Type: Military dictatorship.

Industries: Agriculture (primarily fruits and grains), mining, sheep, war.

Important Figures: Diamanes Thesakkrus (General of the Mivosian Army), Diocletian Merasthasius (Head of the Interior Ministry), Petrassia Amonduria (Captain of the Mivosian Cavalry Brigade)-these three people comprise the ruling triumvirate.

Flora and Fauna: The area upon which Mivosia was built sports plant and animal life typical for the region. Among the more common vegetative life that can be found here are all sorts of water plants, ranging from cattails to lily pads along the various waterways. On land, it is possible to find many species of grasses, as well as various shrubs and bushes. Nestled among the hilltops of this region are the few trees that exist in this part of the continent, most of these being cypress, mahogany, and oak trees.

Thanks to intensive farming, and relatively dense settlement patterns by local standards, there are very few wild animals to be found around Mivosia. Most of what people will see consists of chickens, the occasional cow, and a large number of sheep. Despite this, people in outlying regions have encountered giant insects, gnolls, griffons, harpies, hippogriffs, orcs, and on rare occasions purple worms.

Further reading: None.

Last Year's Events: The fires of rebellion have been burning across the countryside, though so far Mivosia has been able to quash them all. Whether Mivosia's might will be checked remains to be seen.

Map by Clenarius.