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The Mixed Bag

by John Hare

This strange band of mercenaries will accept a job from anyone with sufficient gold. Including hiring on for humanoids. The main reason they can do this is because they are truly a mixed group of forces from all over the Known World and the Savage Coast. They have been up and down the entire coast at least twice. They have no permeant home and constantly lose members who have decided to settle down. However their fame is such that they draw in more recruits to replace those lost to civilian life or combat. At any given time there is a group of 10-50 members of any given race or culture. Generally depending on where the band has been lately. Its core group is an old adventuring party consisting of an Ethengarian Fighter, a fallen Heldannic Knight (still gets clerical spells from Vanya however, because he still fights), a Broken Land Ogre, a Darokin Merchant/Thief, an Aranean Mage and a Wendarian Elf. Perhaps one of the stranger bands to join together they functioned quite well. When they finished guarding a caravan of their own goods against a group of bandits they decided to hire on some extra guards. Unfortunately the caravan didn't make as much profit as they had hoped, but had stumbled into a small dominion war. Hiring on with one side they discovered that they were fairly competent at it. After the battle they left, taking several of their conquered foes with them as replacement troops. And they carried on the tradition ever since. Anyone they fight they try and 'reform' some of them after the battle is done. And since the gold is always good many are willing to join up. The entire group has about 500 members, ranging from heavy infantry to mounted knights to expert archers. Most of which are from different races. Unfortunately they had to 'fire' their troll as it kept eating the halfling slingers.