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Modern Day Katapecs

by Giovanni Paniccia

What about modern time (1000 A.C.) Katapecs?
They don't longer build crystal pyramids. They don't need to do that, because they are only rakasta now.
But, they have contacts with tabis and with Serraine.
Tabi told about Katapecs, their crystal pyramids and the botanic richness of their territory.
Serrainians decided to go to Katapec towns and buy some vegetables and some fruits. Serraine is always in need of fresh food. And it seemed that Katapecs would like to have just some glass marble for a chest of maracujas.
So a Smurfiri-Lodestar F3F Cloud Clipper was sent to Katapec town.
They landed and met with the high priest of Otzitiotl.
Seeing the Serrainians coming from the sky (the kingdom of the beloved Sun God), Katapecs believed them to be Otzitiotl messengers, coming to bring the word of the Sun Prince.
They where treated like gods themselves.
And, after some trade, very advantageous for Serrainians, the Cloud Clipper crew leaved to go back home.
Katapecs, hoping to receive more visitors from the sky (bringing marvellous colourful marbles) started to build Nazca-like pictures in the plains near their town.
With great effort, Katapec wokans studied a spell to fly and observed the great construction from high above.
It was beautiful.
Serrainians come again many times.
Now, Nazca-like pictures are more and more, near every Katapec town. And are used as useful landmarks by cloud clipper pilots.
The dark for the DM: lots of plants were brought to Serraine from Katapec lands. Also the Astral Plant is now in Serraine, and some Gray Front nagpa just discovered the usefulness of the plant. But doesn't know anything about the side effect of astral imago.
Meanwhile, a Katapec priest discovered that using Serraine colourful marbles as eyes in the crystal skulls improves his clerical powers. He does not know that the evil Arik is using the eye symbol as a way to gain power and influence in the Prime Material Plane.
So, the Katapec priest encourages the trade with the Serrainians. He wants more and more marbles, to give eyes to any and all crystal skull.