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Mirn needs an update and some finetuning.. you have to be a WIZARD to be a noble of Glantri....shame on G:KOM for having a M4 as a Viscount in Glantri.

did some editing to Giovanni Porpora's GPD excellent writeup on Mirm to eliminate that nagging little contradiction...

btw... taking this opportunity to finally to 86 the Viscounty of ..errr.. Mongolia. Renaming it Steenwijk, after Pieter Vandehaar's favourite pet dog hahah.

Mirn Krollnar

by micky

Mirn Krollnar

Viscount of Bergen

1014 AC

"I owe it to my father, my mother and all the Krollnars before me to be the best I can and be second to none!"

Very handsome, Mirn Krollnar is 5'7" tall and of muscular build. He has a square face with a prominent jaw line. His eyes are brilliant blue like his mother, and his hair is wavy and reddish-brown. Mirn prefers to keep his hair very short. Following an ancient Flaemish tradition, Mirn has recently started growing his beard; but in keeping with a more modern Glantrian trend, he has chosen to style the beard into a goatee. (This annoys Flaemish purists but the younger Flaemish fops refer to him as "The Lofty Noble Goat.")

Mirn Krollnar's tone of his voice is low, but he likes to modulate it when he scolds someone or when he gives an order. The resulting raucous voice comes from the Course for Graduates he attended when in the Glantrian Army.

Mirn likes to dress elegantly, changing his styles depending of vogue. And the Viscount of Bergen always carries this off flawlessly, whether in military uniform or traditional Flaemish dress or whatever concoction the modish couturiers of Glantri come up with.

Personality & Quirks

Mirn has been the subject of the dreams of countless unmarried Flaemish girls and of those who already are. Unfortunately for them, women have not been his interest until recently—when he realised he needed a wife to have an heir. He did have a affair with Kristiana Wilhamine, the Viscount of Castelbianco after having been seduced in AC 1011, and is the father of her son. A situation that is not known publicly. Nonetheless, Mirn is not the type to waste his time. For some months, Mirn has been seen in the company of Klara Wjesmans (T2, CG), the daughter of a humble peasant of Bergen and probably the only girl who has stirred some emotion in Mirn. The fact that Klara is a mundaner has not helped his reputation among Flaemish purists.

Mirn recently developed another hobby: fashion. He spends a lot of money on clothes as his personal tailor, Vanserie Krjilens (M4, CN)—who also happens to be the official dressing adviser of Baron Pieter Vandehaar of Oxhill—is definitively the happier for it!

Mirn is convinced he was born to be the best in whatever he does. This attitude has caused him to gradually lose interest in activities when he realises someone is better than him. Until now, his life has been an endless search for something more suitable for him. His has much self-esteem and self-confidence that often borders on arrogance. And his style of dressing has not helped him at all. Perhaps the death of his mother, and his ascension to being the Viscount of Bergen might finally give him a calling that is suitable for him.

Mirn was born in Adlerturm, in AC 990, son of Rowena Krollnar, Viscountess of Bergen, and her secret lover, Maximilian Hiltier. Mirn had a happy youth, since his mother was always present, in order to prevent him from missing his father.

Rowena sent Mirn at a very young age to the Great School of Magic, but did not thrive in the highly competitive environment there. Mirn greatly resented the competition with other young prodigies at the Great School, first with Angus McGregor and then Sean McAllister, and even with other children of Flaemish nobles such as Pieter-Eeuwke Vandehaar. Mirn progressed in his studies unspectacularly and was overshadowed by his peers. He always felt he was disappointing his mother and his people.

Mirn eventually realised that magic was not his future, so he left the Great School two years early and joined the Great Army of Glantri, much to his mother's dismay. With his noble status and the impending war, Mirn rose quickly in ranks. But in AC 1008, Mirn fell victim to the Plague and was granted a leave without having the opportunity to distinguish himself at anything.

Mirn dejectedly returned to Bergen and under her care and with the help of her friend, Bernardus Sager (Flaemish Shepherd lupin, Healer12*, AL NG), healer and leader of the Sager Clan of Flaemish Shepherds of Bergen, Mirn regained his health.

This homecoming proved more beneficial to Mirn than he realised, since his long lost father had recently returned and the two finally spent time together as father and son. Maximilian himself was instrumental in reconciling Rowena and Mirn, and their differing opinions about Mirn's career as a military wizard.

At the end of the Great War (and with the death of many military officers), Mirn gained the position as Captain of the Seventh Banner under Princess Juliana Vlaardoen in Linden. Mirn mistakenly took this as a positive sign that he was a great military commander—instead of a simple matter of luck. His parents persuaded him to finish his studies at the Great School, reminding him that he was the heir to the dominion but he needed to have graduated from the Great School to be a legal heir. So in AC 1010 Mirm took a leave of absence from the Great Army and re-entered the Great School.

In AC 1012, just a month after Mirm finally graduated from the Great School, Lady Rowena decided to confront the fiend that had cursed the Krollnars and the Chariot of Horst Krollnar, and the subsequent battle resulted in her death. Rowena had named Maximilian as her successor, knowing Mirn's own interests lay not in ruling Bergen. But Mirn felt a great debt towards his mother and the legacy of the Krollnars, and decided to leave the Glantrian Army to assist his father in ruling his mother's dominion.

Maximilian himself preferred to focus into his magical studies, and made way for Mirn to become the new Viscount of Bergen. As usual, Mirn took to the new task with optimistic vehemence, determined to prove he would be the best ruler in the whole Glantri. He chose a very capable Flaemish Spokesperson (related to the Vandehaar family), and hired a private tutor in Glantrian politics. So far, Mirn has proven to be a competent ruler and hopes to find his niche in life as a good ruler like his mother.

Web of Intrigue
Mirn's greatest friend and ally is his father, Maximilian Hiltier. They are as different as close, but they blindly trust each other. Mirn is determined to show Maximilian that his mother's sacrifice was not in vain and that father's trust is not unfounded, by becoming the best ruler and politician he can be.

Mirn also has close ties with the Flaemish Shepherds of the Sager Clan in Bergen, particularly Cletus Sager (Flaemish Shepherd lupin, M4, AL LG), son of Bernardus and the future leader of the clan.

Mirn is only starting in his political career and has so far proved to be a capable one. He has allied himself with Pieter Vandehaar, Viscount of Steenwijk, whom he idolises and trusts beyond a doubt (much to Lord Pieter's liking!) As Viscount of Bergen, Mirn is loyal to House Linden, but he also shares Princess Juliana Vlaardoen's tolerant attitudes towards non-Flaems. However, Mirn is careful not to appear friendly to everyone—as per the advice of Lord Pieter Vandehaar.

Mirn does have a genuine hatred of the Ethengar, as he blames them for Maximilian's exile from Glantri before he was born. This hatred has earned much approval with Lord Pieter Vandehaar, as well as the traditionalist Flaemish circles in Bergdhoven.

Mirn has recently realised the importance of his parents' connections in the intellectual circles of Glantri in expanding his political powers. Maximilian has introduced him to such academics and scholars with equivocal results. The best Mirn has achieved so far is a possible alliance with Bartolomeo di Malapietra, an instructor at the Great School and once heir to Caurenze.

Style of Magic & Combat

Statistics: 9th-level mage (Str 13, Int 11, Wis 8, Dex 9, Con 15, Cha 16; AL N (D&D), NG (AD&D). 1st Circle Fire Elementalist

Languages: Flaemish, Thyatian (Glantrian and Aalbanese dialects). Mirn speaks foreign languages with a slight Flaemish accent.

Weapon Proficiencies: dagger

Upon entering, the Glantrian Army, Mirn's began learning spells for combat and defence. Since becoming Viscount of Bergen and reenrolling at the Great School, Mirn has redirected his interests into magic useful in politics and scholarship.

From his mother, Mirn has inherited The Brooch of Fiery Travels, one of The Seven Legendary Brooches of the Flaem.

"He has changed his mind again, just after he had made up his mind for the very last time. Perhaps he should make that final decision to accept that he is a failure in anything he does."

(Angus McGregor)