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Priests in the Military Branch

by Bruce Heard

Okay, Mr Wabbit-John, Sir... You did have a point about clerics in the Military.

You made the right point but for the wrong reason though.

Here's what I stumbled upon. If all knights in the military are fighters, then this means that the Grand Master of the Order was cleric of one of the three priesthood branches up until he reaches the supreme command. In other words, the GMotO (dontcha love acronyms?) never was in the military, perhaps not even in the Hammer... but gets to command all of the military anyway!? This seems hardly right.

Here's the change I would suggest. Knights can become priests and still function within the Military Branch. If so, they obey military officers as long as they are assigned to a Lance. As soon as the latter ceases, they revert to their default clerical affiliation which is the Voice of Vanya -- or any other branch for those knights who indeed started out as priests. Seems nit-picky, but it makes a difference. The GMotO must have had substantial experience among both the military and the clerical services in order to command both.