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by Geoff Gander

Monsters, hmmm... I can see anything native to swampy or watery environments being kept for the games (they would flood the arena to accommodate the beasts):

Aquatic Monsters & Animals
Hydras, shark-kin, aquatic dinosaurs, crocodiles (some giant), giant crabs, mermen, giant fish, devilfish, sea snakes, fallen slaves*

Swamp Monsters & Animals
Young black dragons (special shows only - perhaps whenever a good elf has been captured), lizard-kin criminals, puddings and jellies, red worms, fallen slaves*

Land Monsters & Animals
Giant insects, giant spiders, beholders, puddings and jellies, basilisks, dinosaurs, great cats, giant scorpions, manscorpions, displacer beasts, medusae, giants, cyclops, lizard-kin criminals, minotaurs, owl bears, giant weasels, giant shrews, fallen slaves*

In addition to the above, lesser servitors of the Outer Beings are occasionally granted to the sorcerer kings for their own purposes. Some of these end up in the arenas.

*Fallen slaves are the animated remains of those who have died in the arena. They are often reanimated until they are no longer viable bodies.