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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Worshipped in: Minrothad
Minrothism is the name of the cult and of the philosophy that worship Minroth, the Immortal who according to legend led his people to settle on the current islands of Minrothad, where they would find paradise and a happy land. The followers of Minrothism believe that the islands of Minrothad are a holy place touched by the Immortals, and that only the chosen can find a place to live in happiness and abundance. In order to be able to reach such a state it is necessary nevertheless that the faithful live in peace and that everyone is committed to their own work, which besides gratifying them could lead them on the path of thoroughness and felicity. Furthermore, the cult thinks that Minroth will return to the islands one day in order to reward the most deserving faithful and giving to each the position they deserve within the Guilds. For this the followers of Minrothism feel themselves privileged in respect to those who donít live in the Guilds and are rooted merely in this nation, where Minroth is patron of wealth, hope and prosperity, and where proper Minrothism has contributed to create a strong sense of unity and nationalism that unites the different Minrothaddan races. Minrothism celebrates three holy days per year: 1st of Onmun (the expected return of Minroth), 10th of Sagmon (birthday of Minroth) and 1st of Decmun (anniversary of his disappearance). The clerics of this religion (that has taken foot not only among the humans but also among the Minrothaddan demihumans) may only eat, wear and use items made in the islands of Minrothad and usually use the holy symbol of Minroth, a four feathered arrow.