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BECMI Monsters with Different Names in Other Editions

by Håvard

I am trying to compile a list of BECMI monsters that appear in other editions under different names:

Frogfolk (DA2) Kuo Toa Kuo Toa are closer to Lovecraft's Deep Ones.
Kna (AC9) Locathah  
Devil Fish Ixitxachitl  
Yowler (AC9) Yeth Hound  
Shark-Kin (AC9) Sahuagin Similar concepts, but different in appearance and culture
Nekrozon Catoblepas  
Agarat (AC9) Ghast?  
Ice Wolf (AC9) Winter Wolf  
Sea Horse (PC3) Hippocampus  
Rakasta (AC9) Catfolk, Tabaxi Tabaxi are somewhat different from Rakasta
Sea Giant Ocean Giant  
Colossus (X2) Colossus, Flesh (Pathfinder)  
Hook Beast, Hulker (AC9) Umber Hulk Hulkers are weaker
Hook Beast, Hooked Horror (AC9) Hooked Horror Related to Hulkers on Mystara.
Faun (PC1) Satyr  
Sasquatch (Big Foot) Yeti  
Lamara (AC9) Lamia Noble  
Pachydermion (AC9) Loxo Pachydermions only have one trunk, while Loxo have two
Flitterling (AC9)   Petal (MM3) and Shimmerlings (MM3) from 3rd edition have been suggested, but Flitterlings are much smaller Fey
Randara (AC9) Rakshasa The stats are similar, but otherwise they are very different
White Fang (AC9) Snow Serpent (AD&D) Originally from Lankhmar
A wychglow (AC9) will-o-wisp (Monster Manual, 101)  
killer tree (AC9) the hangman tree (1e Monster Manual II, 74).  
Demon, Roaring Balor Also called Fiends, BECMI's demons are more powerful
Demon, Screeming Vrock Also called Fiends, BECMI's demons are more powerful
Demon, Croaking Hezrou Also called Fiends, BECMI's demons are more powerful
Demon, Howling Glabrezu Also called Fiends, BECMI's demons are more powerful
Demon, Groaning Nalfeshnee Also called Fiends, BECMI's demons are more powerful
Demon, Hissing Marilith Also called Fiends, BECMI's demons are more powerful
Demon, Whispering Succubus Also called Fiends, BECMI's demons are more powerful
Elven Hound (DMR2) Coin Sithe, Cooshee  
Redcap (Brownie) (PC1) Redcap Redcaps usually have their own entry in non-BECMI books
Clurichaun (Leprechaun) (PC1) Clurichaun (Dragon #239) Only gets a small reference in PC1
Puck (Sprite) (PC1) Puck In PC1, Pucks are typically wicked Sprites.
Stalwart (AC9) Goliath Somewhat speculative. Concepts are similar, but no confirmed connections
Sidhe (PC1) Eladrin Not the same race, but fills the same niche
Manscorpion Scorpionfolk  
Beholder, Aquatic (AC9) Eye of the Deep  
Blast Spore Gas Spore (Fungus)  
Haouu Aerial Servant  
Mesmer (AC9) Morkroth Different appearance, but similar abilities. Mesmers are undead.
Strange Vine (AC9) Strange Vine, Choke Creeper  
Sshai Invisible Stalker Also known as Invisible Stalkers on Mystara
Hag, Black Annis Hag or Green Hag Black Hags have a greater range of power that covers both Green and Annis Hags.
Hag, Sea Sea Hag BECMI's Sea Hags are much more powerful than in later editions.
Ranivorus (Gaz10) Yeenoghu Also sometimes known as Yeenoghu on Mystara. Patron of Gnolls
Garal Glitterlode (HW Box) Garl Glittergold Many spelling variations exist. Patron of Gnomes
Jammudaru (Gaz10) Vaprak  
The Shining One (Gaz7) Kurtulmak. Patron of Kobolds
Bartziluth Hruggek Patron of Bugbears
Wogar (Gaz10) Maglubiyet. Patron of Goblins
Karaash (Gaz10) Ilneval on Mystara, the main patron of Orcs.
The Great One Dragon Io Different backstory on Mystara
Diamond Bahamut Different, but fills similar niche
Pearl Tiamat Different, but fills similar niche
Opal Chronepsis Different, but fills similar niche
Minoides Baphomet Different, but fills similar niche
Masauwu Graz'zt Different, but fills similar niche
Earthquake Beetle (AC9) Devastation Vermin Different, but fills similar niche

This thread has more on the origins of AC9 monsters, including linking some to AD&D monsters

See also my list of Mystara references in 3E/4E/5E

by Ripvanwormer

There's a 2nd edition creature found in the Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix I and the Outer Planes Appendix called a light aasimon (alphabetized as "Aasimon, Light," and sometimes referred to simply as a light) which seems a closer match for tonals.

Lantern archons are very low-level celestials who are promoted into higher archon castes, and eventually to aasimon. Tonals are powerful, Immortal-level beings who "cannot progress within the hierarchy of their Sphere."

Light aasimon are fairly minor beings as aasimon go (between agathinons and devas in power), but they're substantially more powerful than lantern archons. They're described as "energy creatures, swirling mists of light." A tonal attacks with a blast of sound, while a light aasimon has an undefined energy attack that good creatures are immune to.

Lights can be of any good alignment, so I suppose they correspond to flickers as well or better than they do tonals. They're a little more powerful than flickers are, but not a lot: lights have 10 HD and are worth 10,000 xp, while flickers have 9 HD and are worth 8,600 xp. The weakest kind of tonal, the semiquaver, has 15 HD and is worth 54,900 xp.

I'll also note that eladrins, as they were defined in 2e, all have energy or elemental forms. Coure eladrins, the most minor kind of eladrin, can take the forms of balls of light at will, appearing similar to lantern archons. Bralani take the form of whirlwinds, firre appear as pillars of flame, a ghaele eladrin can manifest as "an incorporeal globe of eldritch colors," noviere eladrins can take the form of "golden dolphins made entirely of shimmering water," shiere eladrins can transform into balls of faerie-light similar to a coure, and the mighty tulani eladrin can assume any of the above forms. Firre eladrins are portrayed as the bards of their kind, so maybe they fit well as parallels of tonals?

The dhour, described in the Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix II, is an amoebalike creature native to the Astral Plane, and as such is somewhat similar to the Immortal Set's protean, though the dhour is intelligent and the protean is not.

The notion, "creatures of nearly pure thought," corresponds closely to the incarnate from the Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix I. "Each notion has a specialty, a concept or emotion that makes up its essence," including honesty, love, hate, peace, rage, insanity, etc. Incarnates embody concepts like charity, courage, hope, justice, gluttony, lust, pride, and sloth. Notions are "often completely undetectable" but "can be seen by magical aid" while incarnates are also invisible unless magic is used.

The mugumba from Champions of Mystara are similar to the intelligent giant beavers ("Beaver, Giant") from the 1e Monster Manual. The mugumba are probably meant to be more humanoid, but giant beavers don't actually have an illustration so it's difficult to tell. Giant beavers are described as being six feet long, though, rather than six feet tall.

Were the goatmen from the Savage Coast/Red Steel ever in BECMI, or were they just in 2e? There are goatfolk in the 3e Monster Manual III. I don't see a reference to them in Champions of Mystara.

The elemasters from the Immortal Set correspond to the Elemental Rulers from AD&D: Kossuth, Grumbar, Akadi, and Istishia, who in turn are based on the elemental lords from the Melnibonean mythos in the original printing of Deities & Demigods: Kakatal, Grome, Misha, and Straasha. In 4th edition, these beings are primordials.

Elemental rulers from the Master Set could correspond to the primal elementals from the Epic Level Handbook and/or to the elemental princes of good and evil (called archomentals in the Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III). These are also primordials in 4e.

The BECMI sollux is called a seraph in Dragon #42. Both were created by Tom Moldvay, both belong to the Brotherhood of the Sun; they're the exact same monster.

The ee'ar from Mystara are called the Winged Folk or Al Karak Elam in Dragon #51, and appear as avariel in the Complete Book of Elves. The Winged Folk were described as looking more like half-elves, but the avariel are explicitly inspired by them.

This is kind of a stretch, but I guess the baak sort of correspond to the mediators (or Mediator, Mechanus) described in the Outer Planes Appendix and Planescape Appendix I in that both are geometric shapes who personify pure law, essentially unkillable by mortals.

Dragon Magazine #47 included a creature called the flard, which is an infinitely tall marble column found on the lawful neutral plane of Nirvana, "created by a now-extinct race of humanoids for the sole purpose of answering questions." Like baaks, they're non-intelligent in their dormant state, but unlike the baak they awaken to godlike intelligence when called by their true names, then sleep for 1,000 years after answering a single question. The extended cycles of dormancy punctuated by periods of activity, plus their enormous size, makes them perhaps correspond to BECMI's megalith. Like the megaliths, they might have been creations of the Old Ones who preceded the Immortals.

The genius loci from the Epic Level Handbook is also broadly similar to the megalith, in that it can take the form of a small world.

They're not really the same thing, but it seems reasonable to compare the nipper from the Immortal Set to the spirit centipede from the Monstrous Compendium: Kara Tur Appendix in that both are otherworldly centipedes. Spirit centipedes are more magical, and they're agents of the gods, while nippers are just pests native to the Astral Plane. It might make more sense to compare nippers to Astral hazards like the astral searcher from the Planescape boxed set.

You could also make some correspondences between creatures from AD&D's Chronomancer accessory and the Immortal Set:

The BECMI soo is similar to Chronomancer's chronovoid in that both are amorphous, bloblike beings.
The BECMI repeater is similar to Chronomancer's tether beast in that both are multilegged reptilian beings.
The BECMI jumper is sort of like the time dimensional from Chronomancer in that both have attacks that can age their opponents.

Here's a chart summarizing this post!

Baak Mechanus Mediator Mediators are physically weaker, but effectively omnipotent
Ee'ar Winged Folk, Al Karak Elam, Avariel Elves or half-elves with wings
Elemaster Elemental Ruler, Primordial Kossuth, Akadi, Istishia, Grumbar
Elemental Ruler Primal Elemental, Archomental, Primordial Zaaman Rul, Imix, Yan-C-Bin, Chan, Ogremoch, Olhydra, Ben-Hadar, Sunnis, etc.
Flicker Light Aasimon Beings of pure light; possibly eladrins could correspond to flickers as well
Jumper Time Dimensional Also broadly similar to the Epic Level Handbook's phane; they look different but have some similar abilities
Megalith Flard Or genius loci?
Mugumba Giant beaver Mugumbas might be more humanoid
Notion Incarnate Personifications of concepts
Nipper Spirit Centipede Astral Searchers?
Protean Dhour Astral blobs
Repeater Tether Beast Multi-legged reptilian time things
Sollux Seraph Sun Brothers
Soo Chronovoid Time blobs
Tonal Light Aasimon Amorphous energy beings; perhaps eladrins could also fit here, especially fires