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The Evolution of Faiths and Worship in D&D Modules

by Blacky the Blackball

Basically, and you probably already know this, no-one ever actually sat down and "invented" Mystara from scratch. It slowly evolved as more and more products were published.

As far as religion, Gods and Immortals; go here's a list I put together a while ago when I discussed the issue with Frank Mentzer. If this is too long for you, just skip to the bottom where I summarise it)...

Putting all this together, there are four basic periods:

Period Setting Name Gods? Immortals? Religion? Notes
Early modules and B/X Unnamed Yes No Yes Clerics worship Gods and belong to Churches.
Early sets in the BECMI series (B & E) and the modules released after them Unnamed No No No Clerics belong to secular Orders and follow "causes", not religions.
Later sets in the BECMI series (C, M & I) Known World No Yes No Immortals are apparently sometimes mistaken for Gods. Clerical Orders are occasionally referred to a Churches.
RC and WotI, Gazetterrs, and collected reprints of earlier modules Mystara No Yes Yes Beings formerly described as "Gods" are now ret-conned as having been Immortals all along. Clerics worship Immortals and may belong to either Churches or Orders.