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Mogluur (Sacred Lands of)

Location: Northern coast of Davania, far west of Kastelios and south of the Arm of the Immortals. DV

Area: 25,000 sq. mi. (40,000 sq. km.).

Population: Unknown, probably 100,000.

Languages: Mogluur.

Coinage: None, the population uses cocoa seeds and gold nuggets as money.

Taxes: None, but probably members of a tribe pay tributes to the chiefs.

Government Type: Tribeland.

Industries: Horticulture (maize, cocoa and others), hunting.

Important Figures: Mor'Uan (The Ancient Priestess), Urd'mog (Great Chief and Chief of Mokloor Tribe), Dek'Ien (Chief of Koluur Tribe), Dur'mog (Chief of Pakool Tribe ), Tu'gruk (Chief of Voglur Tribe), Mir'san (Chief of Dokuur Tribe).

Flora and Fauna: Jungle, with many strange animals, like panthers, jaguars, giant lizards, spitting cobras and many other snakes, and giant spiders. Dragonflies and werejaguars, as in Schweidnitz, probably inhabit the deep jungle, as do many kinds of dangerous plants like amber lotus flowers and strangle vine.

Further Reading: None.

Last Year's Events: See below.

Description and map by Shira.

The Land

The Land of Mogluur is a dark, dangerous jungle without end, full of many kinds of monsters, from spiders and snakes to dragons. But the worst threat in the jungle is neither the animals nor the monsters, but the half-orcs that inhabit this land. I have crossed their nation north to south, and my friends and I have suffered continuous ambushes by the half-orcs. The jungle itself is a terrible place, hot and dangerous, full of pits, quicksand, rifts, and very difficult to cross. In the south the jungle is a lot damper and hillier than in the north, but none of it is a place you'd like.

Sometimes, especially in the south, you could encounter ancient ruins half-buried by the trees. All kinds of monsters and dark secrets dwell in those ruins, and they are probably more dangerous than the jungle around, even if this seems incredible. The greater collections of ruins are in the southwest of the nation, in the territory of the Koluur Tribe. The half-orcs call that place Koarul, and their high priestess lives there. The ruins are covered with ancient and dark engravings of lizard-like creatures. I've been among the ruins of that ancient city, and I've seen the celebrations and the sacrifices of the half-orcs. I wish I'd never seen that ceremony, and most of all I wish I'd never seen the Thing that the high priestess summoned with her magic. If you hold dear your life and the salvation of your mind, never go to Koarul. Those half-orcs don't worship the evil Immortals we all know and fear; they worship something more ancient and more evil yet.

The People

The half-orcs of Mogluur hate every neighbour they have, Be they humans, centaurs, crabmen, or rakasta. You should not expect to have a friendly meeting with them. Indeed, you should be ready and armed when you encounter them. I still don't know how my friends and I have been able to escape that damned nation. I strongly advise you do not take such chances.

From what I could see the half-orcs are divided into five tribes, each with its own traits. The southernmost tribe is called Pakool, the tribe of the swamp. Mind you, I have not been able to speak with any half-orc during my visit to their nation: I just hid and watched. Watching the Pakool, I determined that they are vile and cowardly as warriors, very dangerous as ambushers. Furthermore, they always use poisoned weapons. North of the Pakool there is the Mokloor Tribe, the ruling tribe of Mogluur. The city of Malkimor is the nearest thing to a capital Mogluur has, between Pakool and Mokloor territories. Here sometimes the high priestess stays, and often two or more tribes gather to barter or to plan a war against their neighbours. The city of the Mokloor Tribe is called Molglulor, located fifty miles north of the capital. The Mokloor seem proud and strong warriors; they have many clerics among them, and their chief is an impressive half-orc more than seven feet tall. As for the Koluur Tribe, which lives in the east, they are in my opinion utterly mad; they have many clerics and sorcerers among them, and their chief is a female. The half-orcish females wield as much power as males in their society, apparently, and I suspect that the high priestess is much more influential than the great chief. The Vogluur Tribe lives north of Mokloor. Having watched them fighting against some monsters of the jungle, I can assure you that they are the most brutal of the half-orcs of Mogluur. I think it is the tribe that attacked Schweidnitz recently; I also think that, should all the Mogluur attack us, we'd be utterly destroyed. The last tribe to the north is the Dokuur Tribe, which seems to be the most peaceful and quiet one. But I wouldn't be surprised if they were revealed as the most bloodthirsty tribe.


During the last years Mogluur has had several border wars with Schweidnitz, as reported in the history of the colony, and with Raka and Aloor too. I heard they attacked crabman lands too, a few years ago. Probably the only neighbour they didn't attack recently is the nation of Eseri, and probably only because of the cowardice of the Pakool Tribe, or maybe they know that Eseri is an enemy too strong for them. Anyway the half-orcs of Mogluur are a great menace for the entire Izondian northern coast, a menace far greater than any neighbouring nation could suspect, because none of them saw what I've seen among the ruins of Koarul...

Don't Miss

I really don't know if there is something in all Mogluur that will be worth a visit. The half-orcish towns are a great vision to behold, but often the visitors are bound in chains, and so not in the mood to appreciate the landscape. Probably the deep jungle could be a wonderful place if only it was not occupied by hundreds of monsters, mosquitoes, half-orcs and deadly snakes.

Do Miss

You really should miss Mogluur at all, but if you really want to come to that dangerous nation, at least avoid the ruins forgotten in the darkest corners of the endless jungle, because unspeakable horror awaits inside the ancient temples, especially in the town of Koarul.