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by Geoff Gander

It's amazing how we can be spurred into action. I put together a very rough and dirty map of Mogreth during its first and second imperial periods, using a map created by Alan Derek Jones. I may do an updated version using one of Thorf's maps, but I can't access those images at work:

The coastal region bordered in maroon outlines Mogreth's borders during the pre-GRoF period - as you can see, it was largely a coastal realm (extending up into modern Soderfjord), where the climate would have been a bit more hospitable. The area outlined in light blue was added post-GRoF, after the region moved to its current latitude. The unclaimed region to the west would have been inhabited by primitive human tribes (some ruled by Mogreth), or they may have been Taymoran colonies. Regardless, Mogreth tried to expand there numerous times, and may even have succeeded briefly. Space permitting, I would probably have Mogreth occupy the entire Tel Akbir Peninsula (though that region would have been conquered by Taymor later on).

So, ruins of Mogreth would probably still exist in Soderfjord, the Ylari highlands (and possibly under the sand), under the sea (the land extended outwards in a large swampy peninsula, as per James Mishler's map) and probably buried under the city of Tel Akbir, as well as Tameronikas, Ctesiphon, Surra-Man-Raa, and either Cubia or Fabia.