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Thoughts on the Monoliths of Zul

by Matthew Fleet

These ruins were always slightly mysterious to me, with no origins presented for them when they first appeared in the Voyage of the Princess Ark series.

La Zompatore first introduced the idea that they might have been Dravish ruins in his excellent article here.

I decided to run with some of the ideas presented in this article and drew some straight lines in a triangle formation on a map I have recently completed for this region. I was curious what point of reference would be reached if you drew a straight line running through the ruins of Dravya and Yazak, together with another straight line running through the two tortle mounds located near the Dry Flats which are detailed in the "Tortles of the Purple Sage" adventure in Dungeon Magazine issues 6 & 7.

Much to my surprise, the two lines cross exactly where the Monoliths of Zul are situated! A map showing these lines can be found here.

The Monoliths of Zul must therefore be Dravya ruins, and as they form the base of the triangle, would also have probably been a location of great importance to the Dravya.

So who knows what artifacts of Dravya enchantment lie beneath the Monoliths of Zul? And who knows what guards them?