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Blackmoor/Thonia Timeline

by Andrew Theisen

Following in the vein of my last (Glantri) timeline, I thought I'd post something from my ongoing Thonia/Blackmoor project. A note about the information herein:

The dates presented here are based on the assumption (from HW and others) that 4000 BC is the beginning of the Blackmoor era. That being said, there are a few interpretations that could be made-

1) 4000 BC is the date of the events depicted in DA1.

2) 4000 BC is the date of the declaration of the Kingdom of Blackmoor.

3) 4000 BC is the date that Emperor Iyx learns of the Afridhi movement, and hence, the date events leading to Blackmoor's rise begin.

4) 4000 BC is an approximation of the time that Blackmoor begins its rise.

For various reasons, I went with 4), making it the first year of the reign of Emperor Iyx. This jibes with some of the information given, plus I like it for aesthetic reasons. Whichever the case you may choose, the dates herein are all relative. (In other words, if you change the date of the 1st year of Emperor Iyx, an event that takes place 15 years later in my timeline will still take place 15 years later.) As always, any commentary/criticism is welcomed. :)

c.5000BC: The First Republic of Thonia begins its rise to prominence in the world.(DA1)

4887 BC: Legendary birth date of Uberstar Khazakhum, dwarvish hero.(DA1)

4487 BC: Uberstar Khazakhum founds the Great Mines, earning the nickname "the Great Architect." He becomes King of the Dwarves of the North.(DA1)

c.4300BC: The North (and Blackmoor) is being settled.(DA1)

Thonian refugees settle the far banks of the Misauga River; they begin calling themselves "the Unwanted."(DA4)

The Immortal, Zugzul, begins to influence the Afridhi people of the Goblin Kush Mountains.(DA4)

The Peshwah move into the Plains of Hak.(DA3)

4128 BC: A handful of scholars begin the cult known as the Order of the Frog. They believe that frogs should rule the world.(DA2)

c.4100BC: The Empire of Thonia sends an army to end the independence of the Unwanted. They are defeated at Brushy Fen. Six months later, the Unwanted proclaim themselves the Duchy of Ten.(DA4)

c.4077BC: Menander Ithamis becomes the leader of the Elves of the Red Woods.(DA1)

4057 BC: Village of Salt Town is founded in the High Hak.(DA3)

4049 BC: Gul Hadda is born in the Afridhi territory.(DA4)

c.4030BC: The mysterious Egg of Coot magically creates a dominion for itself north of Blackmoor.(DA1)

4020 BC: Umra Dir is born in Afridhi territory.(DA4)

4015 BC: Gregor Mendicamp is born.(DA4)

4005 BC: Kay Degern is born in the Duchy of Ten.(DA4)

4003 BC: Rissa Aleford is born; her mother dies while giving birth.(DA1)

4000 BC: Emperor Iyx I begins his reign.(DA1)

Having successfully created a militant matriarchic society, Zugzul sends his Afridhi followers east, towards the Empire of Thonia.(DA4)

3999 BC: The Afridhi overrun valemen settlements and smash their armies. The Vales become the first province in the Afridhi Empire.(DA1)

3998 BC: Afridhi armies hunt down and slaughter surviving Valemen.(DA1)

3997 BC: Afridhi practice heavy infantry tactics of the valemen.(DA1)

3996 BC: The Afridhi begin to march across the Plains of Hak.(DA1)

Umra Dir enters the Sisters of Fire, devoting herself to the worship of Zugzul.(DA4)

Gerry Castegere is born.(DA4)

3995 BC: Afridhi complete their march across the Plains of Hak. They develop light cavalry.(DA1)

In Mohacs, Emperor Iyx I receives word of the Afridhi migration. He ignores it.(DA1)

Afridhi begin their campaign against the Duchy of Ten.(DA1)

Fort Mugger is established in the Eastern Hak.(DA3)

3993 BC: Men of Blackmoor beg Thonia for aid. Emperor Iyx I ignores them, sends offers of peace to the Afridhi; Thonian envoys are sacrificed to Zugzul.(DA1)

Hieronymus Castegere's wife (Gerry Castegere's mother) dies during a plague.(DA4)

3988 BC: Afridhi conquer the Duchy of Ten.(DA4)

During the first six months of occupation, Thonian temples are burned, and worship of Zugzul declared mandatory. Minor rebellion in Duchy of Ten.(DA4)

Kay Degern takes the title of Baron of Oktagern when his father is slain by the Afridhi. He goes into hiding.(DA4)

Men of Blackmoor and Afridhi clash; Thonian agents sent to arrest Baron Uther. Uther evades Thonian armies for months, finally defeating them at the Battle of Root River.(DA1)

3987 BC: Northern barons defeat Afridhi at the Battle of the Neck.(DA1)

After failed attempts at reconciliation with the Empire of Thonia, Uther declares himself first King of Blackmoor- many rally to his banner.(DA1)

Menander Ithamis is selected as Lord of the Northern Elves.(DA1)

Marshal Taha Marcovic is appointed Duke of Borno, to hold the Empire's northwestern frontier against the new Kingdom of Blackmoor.(DA1)

c.3987BC: Bartertown is founded.(DA1)

3983 BC: Thonian forces driven out of Blackmoor; Marshal Taha Marcovic commands the rear guard during the retreat, earning the nickname, "The Iron Duke."(DA1)

3982 BC: Kingdom of Blackmoor manages to end immediate threats; New lands open up. Settlements planted between the Crystal Peaks and the Wurm River. University of Blackmoor is started.(DA1)

The Peshwan Na Shepro is awarded the Barony of Dragonia; Brother Richard starts a small monastery in his fief.(DA1)

Federation Starship, FSS Beagle, crashes in the lands south of Blackmoor.(DA3)

Shortly thereafter, refugees from the starship, lead by Security Chief Stephen "the Rock" Rockwell, seek shelter in Frog Swamp. 'Saint' Stephen reforms the Order of the Frog; Froggie activity increases.(DA2,3)

3981 BC: The Regency Council sends an expedition to the Valley of the Ancients, to investigate the City of the Gods.(DA3)

The Bishop of Blackmoor sends Gregor Mendicamp, a Thonian priest, to serve as an agent in the Duchy of Ten.(DA4)

3979 BC: Following the kidnap of his new bride, Bascom Ungulian, the Baron of Glendower, leads a small band of retainers into the domain of the Egg of Coot.(DA1)

3978 BC: King Uther is kidnapped while staying at the Blackmoor Comeback Inn. The Regency Council is baffled.(DA1)

Timothy Curlytop, Shiremaster of Booh, is elected Clan Chief and Regent of the Halflings of the Northern Marches.(DA1)

Uberstar Khazakhum is captured by the Gruuk of the Black Hand(*); Lortz Kharnundrum is named Regent of the Mines in his stead.(DA1)

3977 BC: Adventurers from the future appear in Blackmoor. They are instrumental in the rescue of King Uther.(DA1)

Two months after Uther's rescue, Rissa Aleford, Baroness of the Lakes, is captured.(DA2)

Two months later, a second expedition is sent to the City of the Gods.(DA3)

Three months after the completion of the second expedition, an expedition is made to the Duchy of Ten, to destroy the Well of Souls. (DA4)

3100 BC: Emperor Korin II begins his reign of Thonia.(DA1)

3088 BC: Emperor Nial III begins his reign.(DA1)

3080 BC: Emperor Ruxpin I, "the Teddybear" (**), begins his reign.(DA1)

3077 BC: Emperor Oser I begins his reign.(DA1)

3054 BC: Emperor Bodmin I begins his reign.(DA1)

3040 BC: Emperor Halkad IV begins his reign.(DA1)

3030 BC: Emperor Ning I begins his reign.(DA1)

3014 BC: Emperor Melnik III begins his reign.(DA1)

3005 BC: Emperor Reger I begins his reign.(DA1)

3000 BC: Great Rain of Fire. The House of Andahar still rules the Kingdom of Blackmoor.(DA1)

Blackmoor Comeback Inn sinks beneath the sea in the cataclysm.(DA1)

2800 BC: Blackmoor Comeback Inn rises from the sea, encased within a glacier.(DA1)

2000 BC: Glacier encasing Blackmoor Comeback Inn finally melts.(DA1)

1700 BC: Local cataclysm. Broken Lands shaken by explosion. Blackmoor Comeback Inn survives the effects of the earthquake.(DA1, HW)

c.1000AC: Hepath Nun and his companions, Gern, Charo, and an unnamed warlock, enter the Blackmoor Comeback Inn. Their companion Rilk stays outside.(DA1)

1000AC+: Agents of the Iron Duke use the Blackmoor Comeback Inn (now dubbed the Prison Out of Time) as a staging grounds from which to kidnap King Uther I.(DA1)

* Note- in DA1, these are called the Orcs of the Black Hand, but given that later sources have stated that true orcs did not exist until after the Great Rain of Fire, in 3000 BC, I arbitrarily changed the tribe's name to the Gruuk of the Black Hand, in honour of the name of the Beastmen language (as per the Hollow World Boxed Set.)

** I made up the nickname for Emperor Ruxpin. Nowhere is it stated that he is nicknamed "the Teddybear." I couldn't help myself, though, so sue me. ;)