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More Glantrian Spells

by Ohad Shaham

Szasza's Dozen Ravens

Level: 6
Range: 0 (and see below)
Duration: 1 day or until 11 ravens are killed
AoE: Caster

This spell was discovered by lady Szasza Markovits as she was studying for the third circle of witchcraft. The origins of the spell lie deep in the past of the dark ages of Taraldara.

When this spell is cast the wizard's body breaks into twelve pieces which form into a dozen jet-black ravens, all within one round.
The caster has full control of each raven and can see and here everything each raven sees or hears.
The caster (in the ravens form) can't talk or cast spells but is otherwise fully sentient. The ravens can travel wherever the can as long as they are all on the same plain of existence. At any time the caster may choose to materialise at the location of one of the ravens in which case all of the other ravens vanish. The caster suffers no damage from damage caused to one of the ravens. If all ravens but one are killed the caster is forced to materialise in the location of the last raven. A successful Dispel Magic on any of the birds will end the spell but in this case the caster may choose where to materialise. The ravens can't penetrate a Protection from Evil spell.

Szasza is not aware of this yet but the spell is not as complete as the ancient Taraldaran source. Each time the spell is cast there is a one in twenty chance that the caster will be stuck in raven form (only one!) until dispelled somehow. This may pose no problem to Szasza as she is a shape shifting vampire but this could be lethal to mortal casters.

*DM note- the spell can be altered using "Colour of Magic" as in - "twelve swans" "a dozen squirrels" and such.

Harald's Ice Field

Level: 3
Range: 50' + 10' per level
Duration: 1d12+1 turns per level (or until melting- see below)
AoE: an area of 500'x500' or less

This spell will create a sheet of smooth ice on an area. Every creature that is not protection from extreme cold will suffer from 1 point of damage per round while on the surface, 2 points for fire based creatures. If a two legged creature tries to advance on the surface it must make a dexterity check every 10' or fall. (no additional damage but must spend one round getting up). The ice melts at the end of the duration unless the temperature is below freezing. Any small plants and animals caught in the field will die, unless naturally resistant to extreme cold.