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More OD&D spells

by Jenni A. M. Merrifield

Here are a few more of the OD&D spells I've created for my campaigns. A few were inspired by 1st ED AD&D spells, but they are generally different enough that I personally consider them to be new OD&D spells and I have given them unique names. This set are all 1st level.

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Range: 5'/level
Duration: 6 turns + 1 turn/level
Effect: Ignites a campfire

This spell allows the magic user to ignite the equivalent of a standard 1-1/2' campfire located within range. The fire itself is non-magical and permanent as long as a fuel source remains. The magic user may choose the size of the fire - from as small as a torch or lantern, to as large as a bonfire of 3' maximum diameter. Reducing the size of the fire will cut fuel consumption to half normal, and increasing the fire will double consumption.

During the official duration of the spell, the magic user may also adjust the light output of the fire simply by concentrating for one round. The light output may become as low as a match or as bright as a light spell. Note that the heat output will not be altered by a change in the light output. Light output will return to normal when the spell duration ends.

Range: 10'/level
Duration: 6 rounds/level
Effect: Subject drifts as if weightless

When this spell is cast, the creature(s) or object(s) affected immediately begins to drift as if it was only 1/10th it's regular mass. Affected creatures may propel themselves in unusual directions or to unusual heights by pushing off a solid object with their legs. The recipient of this spell may control their own movement to some degree - twisting, turning and tumbling as necessary. Movements have the same appearance as that of a man on the Moon and large gusts of wind can easily send an individual flying off in an unexpected direction if they are not holding onto something. Weapons may be used by affected creatures but they will only do half damage due to the reduction in their effective mass.

If a creature begins to fall while the spell is in effect their maximum rate of falling will never be more than 1' per second (10' per round), and no damage will be incurred if they land under these conditions. However, when the spell duration ceases, if the creature happens to be suspended above ground the normal rate of falling will occur.

*Drift* may affect creatures and/or objects in an area of up to 10' cubed and of a maximum combined total weight equal to a base of 2000cn plus 2000cn per level of the spell caster. The spell can be cast upon the magic-user or other creatures or objects at up to the maximum range of 10' per level of experience of the spell caster. This spell works only upon whole objects or creatures. Thus it can not be used to affect only a sword blow, although when cast on an unsuspecting creature that is attacking, it will suffer a -4 to their first round of attacks.

Range: Caster only
Duration: 2 turns + 2 turns/level
Effect: Superficially alters caster's appearance

This spell enables the caster to alter the appearance of his or her form - including clothing and equipment - to appear up to 1' shorter or taller; thin, fat or in between; human, humanoid, or any other generally man-shaped bipedal creature. The caster's shape is not actually changed but is seen to be changed to all observers. Note that the changed appearance will not be reflected by mirrors and other reflective surfaces. *Glamour* is treated as an illusion with respect to detection and dispelling.

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: leap long distance

This spell empowers an individual with one opportunity to leap a long distance. For every two levels of the caster the spell allows the affected individual to leap up to 20' forward, 10' backward or 5' straight upward, cumulative. Thus *leap* cast by a 1st or 2nd level magic-user allows the recipient to leap up to 20' forward, 10' backwards or 5' upwards while a 5th or 6th level magic-user would allow a leap of up to 60' forward, 30' backwards or 15' upwards. Horizontal leaps forward or backward are in a slight arc - about 2' per 10' of distance travelled. The *leap* spell does not insure any safety in landing or grasping at the end of the leap (and remember that what goes up must come back down...) The leap must be completed within 1 turn after the spell is cast, for after that period has elapsed the spell wears off.

Range: 10'/level
Duration: 1 round
Effect: Bathes area with a rainbow of colours

Upon casting this spell, the magic-user causes a bright rainbow of colours to descend out of the sky and bathe a designated 20' x 20' square in a riot of colour. Up to 1d6 creatures within the area of effect may be affected by the attack. Affected creatures whose level or number of hit dice is less than or equal to that of the spell caster will be struck unconscious for 2d4 minutes due to sensory overload. If their level or hit dice is 1 or 2 greater than the spell caster, they will be blinded by the colours for 1d4 minutes. All other affected creatures are stunned - reeling and unable to think clearly or act - for 1d4 rounds. All creatures above the level of the spell caster and all creatures of 5th level or 5 or more hit dice are entitled to a saving throw versus the *Rainbow Attack* spell.

Range: 60' + 10'/level
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Effect: Pass a whispered message to one other creature

When this spell is cast, the magic-user can whisper a message while concentrating on one other creature in view and within range, and the whisper will travel in a straight line to be audible to that creature. The message spoken during the whisper must fit into the spell duration to be completely heard. If there is time remaining once the caster has completed her message, the creature who received the whisper can make a whispered reply that will be heard by the spell caster. Note that there must be an open an unobstructed path, of at least 1' width, between the spell caster and the recipient of the spell.