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More spells

by Ohad Shaham

Here I have some spells devised by Thyatian Mages. These are less refined than the Glantrian ones, but they are useful and efficient which reflects the Thyatian way of thinking.

Lusinius' Monstrate

- -This ancient spell was invented by the great governor Lucinius, the first king of Thyatis. It was one of the spells that composed the battle arch-mage arsenal. after his demise this spell became very popular and it is now known to many mid- powerful wizards around Brun and even some Alphatian ones. at some points in history the spell was used in the gladiatorial arenas. (IMC I am using this instead of the "catch all" "change other" which is overpowered and kinda boring)

level: 4
range: 20 ft + 10 ft per level of caster
duration: 10 turns + one turn per level of the caster
AoE: one creature
saving throw: none

this spell will cause one specific small animal to turn into a terrible monster. after the spell is cast the small creature changes into the monster in one round and is not under the control of the caster. it will react to situations as a normal monster would but will probably be enraged. There is no reason (unless precautions have been made) that the monster wont attack the caster or his friends.

the kind of monster created depends on the original creature used.

an earthworm becomes a -10HD purple worm. (50 ft long)
a baby goat - a Chimera.
an eel - a sea dragon (creature catalogue)
a spider - Hook beast (Hulker, creature catalogue)
a lizard - a Wyvern
a kitten - a sabre tooth tiger

Protection From Weather

level: 3
range: 0 (around the caster)
duration: concentration
AoE: 1ft per level around the caster

This spell will create a field of protection against the effects of harmful weather conditions magical or mundane. inside the protective field the temperature will remain 25 degrees Celsius no matter what the temp is outside. rain or hail can not penetrate the field nor can sand from sandstorms. the field will remain as long as the caster concentrates. he cannot cast spells or go to sleep. this spell will not protect against fire or magical cold (fireball, icestorm etc').