General Info
Location: 270 miles (432km) north of Helskir. Submerged 200’ below sea level on an underwater volcano.
Area: in total about 10 sq. miles (lots of towers and diggings)
Population: 13,000 (10,000 sea gnomes, 2000 dorags- see new races, about 1000 human “captives”) changing numbers of merfolk and dorag make their homes around Deepreach. Kna traders frequent Deepreach several times a year but do not stay for long.

Languages: gnomish (Deepreach dialect), doragai,

Coinage: Non. Free trade of goods and services.

Government type: Democratic socialistic commune. Chairman and political authorities are voted for.

Industries: Harnessing volcanic energy, coral and metal mining, fishing, machine building, deep sea treasure collecting.

Description: This is an underwater metal domed city, with lots tubes wheels and levers all around. Lots of gas bubbles rise up from the domes mainly steam and hot air from factories. The city is located on the side of an active volcano at a depth starting at 200’. A lava stream flows about half a mile form the city walls.

Notable Sites: In the hart of the city lies the rotten husk of the once mighty sea vessel “Leviathan”. It is kept as a monument to the cruelty of man, and there is a circus of stone surrounding it that no gnome walks on, in honor of the monument (and for security reasons).

Flora and Fauna: Inside the city the only plants there are, are cultivated sea plants and algae. Outside the dome, lots of plants and simple forms of life relish in the volcano’s worm waters. Many kinds of fishes feed on those, and large sharks and even sea monsters come to join the feast. . There are also numerous pests and monsters in and around Deepreach, like the dreaded Sea Gremlins (sea new monsters). Also found in the city are the white rats. These came to Deepreach as pests in the Leviathan but are now also kept as pets by the gnomes. Dorags it them.

See also: PC2 Top Ballista, PC3 The Sea People, GAZ7 The Northern Reaches and the archives of the MML.

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