Deepreach Gazetteer
This is a first draft of what eventually will be an online Mini gazetteer to the Deepreach gnomes.
First you will want to see some General Information. Go and see an entry in almanac format for Deepreach.
Learn about the History of the Sea Gnomes, Who are the Sea Gnomes? And what has brought them to live under the waves?
  Maybe the strangest and most fascinating thing about the Sea Gnomes is their bizarre Society and customs. Learn also about the dealings of the Sea Gnomes and the almighty immortals in this section.
  Find out more about the new Races and Creatures found in the water surrounding Deepreach and in the city itself.

Revel at the New Technology that makes life possible for the Seagnomes, and gives them an edge in the harsh environment they live in.

As in every culture on (and in) Mystara, magic has evolved differently in the Seagnome society. See some New Spells designed by the ingenious gnomish wokani.

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