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New race- the Dorag

The Dorag are an amphibian race that inhabits the Alphatian ocean. The Dorag are humanoids 6-8’ tall (males are slightly bigger) with two legs (no tale) and an extremely muscled body (dorag strength score averages on 16). Dorag skin color ranges from greenish brown to dark blue. Dorags always have long black hair on their heads they do not have any hair on there bodies. Dorags faces look like brutish humans or orcs, and they have small gills on the sides of their necks. Dorags have full functioning longs. Their bodies are very heavy and when they fill their lungs with water they sink to the ocean floor. Dorags feet are very flexible and have long strong toes that grab rocks on the bottom of the sea, they advance by walking on the sea floor using their webbed hands to help maneuver. A long thin protruding from their spine gives them more hydrodynamics. When dorags want to breath air they simply empty their lungs of water (which seems like vomiting) and take a few breaths to dry the inside of their lungs. Dorags on land can get dehydrated if they stay outside more than 12 hours.

Dorag live in small family groups that belong to larger tribes numbering a few hundred dorags. The tribes are led by a shaman, whose position is hereditary. The shaman has no say in the regular part of dorag life, and its only purpose is to serve as a link to the dorag’s immortal and to come down squabbles between families. There are four tribes of dorag in Deepreach. Dorag outside of Deepreach lead a very simple life. They catch fish for food, using tridents made from a special kind of coral, and spend most of their time gathering pearls and interesting stones, or enjoying the warmth of the volcano or the sun (which they surface in order to feel). Dorags males are also fierce warriors and if endangered by sea monsters band together in defense of their homes.

Dorags of Deepreach work for the gnomes. They do not feel obligated to do as the gnomes say or follow their way of life, but the gnomes pay nicely with metals gems and interesting foods, and are very kind to the dorag. Dorags don’t understand gnomish technologie but they do understand its use and power. Dorags don’t have magic users and think of gnomish wiccas as another kind of shamans. The dorags do see Deepreach as their home and are very willing to defend it, if need be, from an outside attack. The dorag worship an immortal called Derakta ,who is the immortal known elsewhere as Terra. Derakta is the rock from which sprang out the dorag race.


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