New Gnomish Technology
* I added an optional rule called TGB (tech goes bad) this should be used if you feal (like I do) that technology in a fantasy setting should be filled with problems and uncertainties.

Pain Stick-
This metal rod is 1 meter long (3') and has a small mechanism at one end that the user has to squeez in order to create an electric shock at the other end of the rod.
 This is the only weapon carried by the gnomish constabulary.
 The damage done by the electric shock does 1-3 points of damage, + the victim has to save versus death ray or be shocked for the next round unable to attck or concetrate.
TGB- With every use, the operator makes a dextirity check with a bonus of +4 or be shocked as well as the target suffering 1 point of damage. (Target suffers damage normally.
 Fire Spewer (FS2000)
 This gadjet is used to exterminate Sea Gremlins (see new monster section). It is a perssonal, gnome sized- FLAMETHROWER. The pack includes 2 containers of natural gas strapped to the gnomes back. A tube with a tinder box at its end finish the job. In a regular sized pack there is enough gaz for 10 rounds of use. the cone of fire produced is 5 meters long (17') and 2m (7') wide at the far end. Every creature cought in the cone of fire suffers 1d6 points of fire damage per rpound.
TGB- With every use there is 1 in 100 chance of the pack exploding, creating a fireball like effect (save versus death ray instead of magic) doing 1d6 points of damage for every round of use left in the tank.

the Deep Deep Suit of Armor (or D.D.S.A)
This iron suit is water and pressure resisstant. The shpae is toughly that of a gnome. A flexible tube made from metal springs and fish leather sticks from the top of the "helmet". At the fornt of the helmet there is a thick glass window.
The tube is 10-50 neters long and is connected to a mechanical air pump (operated by at least 2 gnomes or magicaly enchanted).
the suit  allows divers to go to depths of no more than 500 meters (1500'). A Create Air spell cast directly on the suit will allow usage without the tube and pump but gnobes prefer the old fashion way for some reason.
TGB- With every use there is a 10% chance of minute holes apearing in the suit and filling it with water in 1d6 turns. The diver must get to another air source or die.

the "Catfish" Long Range Explorer 2000 (the C.L.R.E.)

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